How far behind drywall are tunnels

Drywall extended from tunnels?

I moved into a house that I rented a few months ago. I'm allowed to drill holes in the walls as long as I cover them before I move out ...

So I marked the studs, I drill and there is nothing behind the drywall. I'm not an expert, but I'm a little confused about how I found a stud and there is no stud. Could the drywall be extended?

In case you think I'm stupid (although I'm not saying I'm not! Haha), here's another explanation of what I did:

  • Found stud with Franklin Sensor's Prosensor 710
  • Confirmed by noises (knocking on the wall) after drilling and without finding a bolt
  • Confirmed with magnetic pin finder
  • Still confused, used a piece of wire to check the depth - there is something in the way of the wire 4 and 1/4 in. Deep, nothing in the way to the left or right of where the bolt appears to be.

I don't want to cut big holes in the wall to find out what's behind it unless I have to. Could the drywall be extended for some reason? These are the walls around the foundation of the basement.

Many Thanks!

Michael Karas

Put simply ... you missed the bolt position when you made the hole.

You can try using a wire in the wall up, down, to the right, and left of your hole to determine the actual stud location.

Note that stud locators and are never deterministic for every situation.


Well I checked in 3 places and each time I drilled 3 holes 2 inches apart horizontally. When checking the depth with the wire, the bolt position as determined with the three methods (electric bolt finder, magnetic bolt finder and sonic) is always 4 1/4 "deep. Left and right of the bolt are 6+". To just say I missed the stud, I'm not convinced.