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Pompoir: This sex practice is supposed to drive men crazy

Pompoir was supposedly already cultivated by Hindu dancers - and is said to be beneficial for men and women during sex.

on 09/11/2018, 11:34 a.m.

Labia kiss, Cleopatra grip, Pompoir - there are many names for the sex practice from the Far East, which is now slowly becoming more and more known in Western culture.

The "vaginal grip" actually comes from ancient India, where it was practiced by Hindu dancers (at that time still under the name "devadasis"). Denise Da Costa, Pompoir expert and author of the book "Pompoir: The Ultimate Guide to Pelvic Floor Fitness" declared opposite CosmopolitanWhat the exotic sex practice is all about: With the Tantra grip, one tries to create various movements with the vaginal muscles by pressing, contracting and pulling apart. On the one hand, this is great training (vagina Pilates!) For the pelvic floor muscles (and we know: a good pelvic floor is known to help improve sex) and on top of that, the movements stimulate the man's penis in an unusual way.

"Super orgasm"

The "grip" is supposed to drive men crazy, but it is not easy to learn and requires good control of the vaginal muscles. “Pompoir focuses on four different movements: pressing, pulling together, pushing and pulling. The various movements result in a complete workout and allow the woman to control the intimacy between herself and her partner even better, "says Da Costa.

This is how "Pompoir" works

If you want to try pompoir at home, you can test the practice during sex without obligation (the worst that can happen is that it doesn't work and you carry on as usual).

While the woman is sitting on the man in equestrian position and has inserted his penis, she tries to massage it with the muscles of the vaginal wall - except for the vagina, both partners should not move in this practice! Imagine holding a pen between your thumb and forefinger and twisting it back and forth. You try to repeat exactly this movement with your pelvic floor muscles. By tensing the pelvic floor, trained people can stimulate the penis with mere muscle movements and thus control and increase the man's sensations.

Of course, practice takes a little time and practice - after all, the goal at the end of the workout is very promising.