How much do food allergy tests cost


As with all medical services, the cost of an allergy test with an allergist or other doctor is an important issue. Which costs are covered by which health insurance company for which allergy test and if no costs are covered, how high are they? Quite a few questions to which there is no simple answer. It depends on which health insurance company you are with and which allergy test you want to have carried out.

Health insurance companies usually cover the costs

The good news right at the beginning is that the most common test procedures, such as a prick test, patch test, scratch test, IgE test or provocation test, are used by almost all statutory and private health insurances. The attending physician must, however, have an Have suspectedbefore an allergy test can be carried out free of charge for the patient. Nevertheless, before the test, you should briefly check with your own insurance company whether the costs for the allergy test will actually be covered.

In the case of allergy test procedures that are controversial in science, such as the very controversial IgG test for the detection of food allergies, most insurers block themselves when assuming the costs. If the attending physician offers special allergy tests, which you should pay for privately, then you should be suspicious. In such cases, you should first find out why exactly the health insurance companies are not paying for the cost of the test and what exactly is being tested.

If costs for an allergy test have to be paid privately for whatever reason, you usually have to pay high sums. For example, an IgG test would include Costs around 300-500 euros to book according to the amount of food tested.

Inexpensive alternative: allergy self-test

If you want to carry out an allergy test yourself at home without a doctor, you can use so-called self-tests. Their costs are in the range between 20 and 100 euros, depending on what and how is to be tested. In the case of allergy tests, in which the determination of a possible allergy is carried out by the user himself at home, the prices tend to be found in the lower price segment of 20 to 50 euros. In contrast, allergy tests, in which the user draws blood himself but sends it to a laboratory, result in higher costs.

Different countries, different costs

The costs for an allergy test listed here are only valid for Germany. In other countries the costs can differ significantly from these figures. A Spiegel Online article, for example, reports how a simple allergy test (prick test) cost a whopping 2525 dollars in the USA. These costs are even more critical if you don't have health insurance. The author therefore justifiably asks the questions related to the American health system: "If an allergy test costs as much as a two-week package tour to the Caribbean, how expensive is a complicated treatment? Who comes up with the moon prices that doctors and clinics charge? Can a health system work like that at all? ".

General important note:
The information listed on this page has been compiled and prepared to the best of our knowledge based on the current state of research. However, no guarantee can be given for correctness. Therefore, the information is not intended for self-diagnosis and is in no way a substitute for a doctor's visit. In addition, the articles serve general education and do not constitute advice for individual cases. If you have any questions about your health, the doctor is always the first point of contact!

Article last updated on 01/01/2017