Why do many people move to Colorado

tourismOn Stoner trip to Colorado

Marijuana was legalized in the state of Colorado. Since then, the economy and tourism have been booming there. Tourists come from the surrounding states to take special stoner bus tours through the city.

The economy has been picking up since the state of Colorado legalized marijuana. Many tourists come to stock up on legal weed at the dispensaries - specialty marijuana stores. Or they go on a city tour with a party bus, which is of course allowed to smoke weed.

"Colorado has been the No. 1 business location in the US since legalization. The real estate market is developing splendidly, with 100,000 people moving to Denver each year."

Bill Campbell, founder of Euflora, one of the largest cannabis distributors in Denver

Kimberly and Frank - both 20 - from Tennessee also have fun driving around town in one of these party buses. The two have just married, and Kimberly surprised her husband with this very special wedding present.

With marijuana now legally for sale, many startups have been set up. The tourism industry has benefited, greenhouses have been built, and retailers are opening shops. In 2015 alone, the state of Colorado made about $ 135 million from the marijuana business. Dilapidated areas were redeveloped and empty houses were used again.

"Many areas around the empty factories were run down - they are now being used again. As greenhouses or start-ups. As a result, the city has improved the infrastructure and revitalized the residential areas around it."

Danny Schäfer, founder of the tourism company M420Tours

Colorado used to be considered conservative and was associated with cowboys and the Denver clan. Especially for the under-30s, it was considered uncool and was not one of the popular travel destinations within the USA. The state's image has improved significantly through the legal trade in marijuana.

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