Requires Fortnite WiFi

What internet connection do online games need?

Why don't online games always run smoothly?

If there are delays or long charging processes, this is usually due to the internet connection. Because so that the video game can be played with all functions, there is a permanent exchange with a game server. More and more so-called cloud gaming offers are coming onto the market. The games run in data centers, players only stream a video image of it home. The modern, high-quality graphics or updates, memory statuses and statistics are stored on servers and are accessed from there when gaming. This connection should remain stable to allow the best quality game.

Bandwidth: 50 Mbit per second recommended

For gaming itself, a connection with 16 Mbit / s would be sufficient. But because installations, updates and downloads consume huge amounts of data, it is best to choose a higher download speed of 50 Mbit / s. Then there is enough bandwidth available at the crucial point in time and possible disruptive factors do not reduce the video game performance: For example, if installations are running in parallel while playing or a second person wants to access the Internet connection.

The upload is important in online gaming

Uploading an Internet connection is very important in online live games. The upload speed indicates how quickly data can be uploaded or sent via an Internet connection. If the upload rate is too low, it will take much longer to upload content, for example, and the game will suffer from picture and sound disturbances. We recommend an upload speed of at least 10 Mbit / s. If you want to use several applications at the same time, it is better to use more upload speed and book 50 Mbit / s in the upload.

DSL or cable? Gamers should know that

Unfortunately, with DSL technology, the booked maximum speed does not automatically arrive at home. The bandwidth achieved depends, among other things, on the distance to the next distribution box. With cable internet, on the other hand, the internet speed fluctuates depending on the load. That means: If a house or flat shares a cable connection, the bandwidth is also distributed to the users with simultaneous access. Whether DSL or cable: If you live in poorly developed regions, you have to expect that no internet connection with 50 Mbit / s is available on site.

Latency is critical when gaming

For online games, where every millisecond (ms) counts, the latency time (also called ping) of the internet connection is particularly important. This indicates how long it takes a signal from its own connection to a specific server and back. The shorter this time, the faster the data exchange between the devices works. Especially with multiplayer, speed and a short reaction time of the connection are crucial. Those who act more slowly are at a disadvantage in a direct duel compared to other players - whether at FIFA in a football duel or in Star Wars Battlefront in a flight duel.

Most providers can ensure a latency period of less than 50 ms almost permanently. For online games, a ping of less than 30 ms is considered optimal and a ping of 30 to 50 ms is considered good. From 100 ms there can be time and reaction delays, the unpopular lags, in the running game. VDSL and, above all, fast cable internet ensure lower latency times than DSL.

Four tips: Stabilize the Internet while playing

  • In addition to a computer or console, if possible few other devices access the internet connection. Otherwise the download speed and latency may fluctuate. Especially when large amounts of data are being downloaded or video films are being streamed over the Internet at the same time.
  • Becomes a WLAN router used for the internet connection, this should be as close as possible to the computer and shielding objects or electrical devices are avoided in the immediate vicinity.
  • A Ethernet cable could solve these problems, as a direct connection to the router eliminates interference. If the connection still remains unstable, its speed should be tested and, if possible, a larger bandwidth should be booked with the provider.
  • If it is possible to select a game server for online gaming, the one that is closest to your own computer should be used. Players in Germany should if possible use European servers, since connections to Asia or the USA result in high latency times.

If, despite an optimal internet connection, the images get stuck or the computer takes too long to load, the device itself could be exhausted. In most cases it is then sufficient, for example, to reduce the light and shadow effects of the online game and thus reduce the workload for the PC or notebook.