How do you smoke meat

interviewPhilip Morris COO Olczak: "Our message is: do not smoke"

Did you go back to normal cigarettes after recovering?

When I got well and got to the office, I had my pack of Marlboro on my desk, as always. I lit a cigarette - and couldn't smoke it. At first I thought they'd changed the mix. I called my product management colleagues and said, “Hey guys, have you changed the taste of Marlboro? I wasn't informed. ”And they said,“ No, the mixture is exactly the same. ”I said,“ It tastes different. ”And then I realized what had happened: I was used to the taste of the new product . If you then smoke a normal cigarette again, that's too much for you. Then I made up my mind to stick with the new product. I was so proud of myself that I finally dealt with the problem of smoking.

But you still smoke!

For a heavy smoker, the switch will feel like quitting. The new products often help with the transition. And hopefully when you use them you won't be tempted to return to a classic cigarette at some point.

Do you smoke more or less now?

About the same.

What is the difference between these two types of smoking?

When you remove 90 to 95 percent of all pollutants from smoke, you will discover the true taste of tobacco. I often compare it to grilled meat. Doctors say all those charred meat rims may not be the healthiest for you in terms of cancer risk. But many like it. If you cook the same meat, it's technically the same ingredient, but it's a completely different taste. And it's less harmful. But what I want to emphasize: Iqos is not harmless.

For staunch smokers, smoking has always been a way of life. In many films and for many actors, the cigarette has been part of their image. Isn't that lost?

Smoking has a social aspect. Smoking often breaks the ice between people. Millions of people have gone to strangers and asked, “Do you have a fire?” And then they start talking. We don't want to stop that either. Our message is: don't smoke. If you smoke - stop smoking. But if you can't stop, then research alternatives and switch. These products are better not only for you but also for the people around you.

Is there still the icebreaker moment with e-cigarettes? You don't ask about fire anymore.

No, but it brings you something else. We see this every day in countries where more people are already using tobacco heaters. If you go to Japan you will see people in a bar, groups of people, and many of them have Iqos or similar products. You still stand together and enjoy tobacco.