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Variety of Vietnamese cuisine

Versatile, fresh, spicy - simply delicious ...
Briefly fry the vegetables really hot so that they are roasted on the outside and cooked on the inside, add to the already prepared rice or rice noodles and season with fresh herbs and soy sauce - a typical dish in Vietnam is ready.

The Vietnamese use traditional methods for cooking Woks or pans that are mounted on a rack over an open fire. Gas cookers and charcoal fires are also popular when preparing meals.

All the ingredients in Vietnamese cuisine are always fresh - on the big ones Markets become daily local fruits and vegetables offered. Both tourists and the local population appreciate the quality and freshness of the goods on offer - and there is truly everything. One is familiar with carrots, cauliflower, mango and pak choi. Whereas bitter cucumber, jackfruit, mangosteen or chayote are rather unknown in our kitchen. There they belong on the daily menu, like with us white cabbage or potatoes.

But you can find a dish on every street corner in the country - Pho. The traditional soup is eaten in the morning for breakfast. However, Pho can also be found in many restaurants for lunch and dinner. If you want, you can eat this tasty soup all day.

The soup was not turned into for nothing favorite food by our Southeast Asia expert Sarah Obels.

“My culinary highlight was the warm soup for breakfast. On a street corner in Hanoi's Old Quarter, it was especially good! At a cooking class in Hoi An, I even learned how to cook the soup for myself at home. Since then, I've been eating them at home every now and then and indulging in memories. "

Pho is served in a clear broth with rice noodles and optionally beef or chicken (you can leave it out if necessary). There are also spring onions, leek rings, bean sprouts, mung bean sprouts and soybeans as well as lime wedges, chilli, coriander, mint and not to forget a splash of Vietnamese fish sauce. Many different herbs give the soup its spicy taste, including Vietnamese basil. Often times, you can choose how hot and flavorful you want your soup to be. This has the advantage that it can be individually adapted to suit every taste.

The type of Preparation varies in different parts of the country. While in the north of the country a rather light and subtly spiced broth is used, in the south considerably more seasoning ingredients are added and the broth there is more intense in color and taste.

Let yourself be surprised by the diversity of Vietnamese cuisine on a trip to Vietnam. We wish you good appetite!

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