Why did Tywin hate Joffrey

Tyrion in "Game Of Thrones" Season 8: Will His Tongue Be Cut Out?

In surveys about the favorite character in "Game Of Thrones", the name Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) is always at the top of the list of results. Completely understandable, because although he was not exactly heroic, at least in the first seasons, the constant underdog chatted eloquently into probably every fan heart. After he murdered his own father Tywin Lannister (Charles Dance) on the Lokus and after a long journey to Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), Tyrion is now without question one of the good guys - if you call it that on "Game Of Thrones" at all want. And as the right hand of the Dragon Mother, he is now playing a decisive role in the battle for the Iron Throne, even if in the end he will probably not sit on it himself.

Before we turn to Tyrion's possible fate in season eight about the most important characters of “Game Of Thrones” and speculate a little about what he and us could expect, let's take a quick look back at what the short stature was Popular figures in the previous seven seasons has experienced this.

In the first "Game Of Thrones" season, we get to know Tyrion as a rather unsympathetic guy. Although he already has his mischievous charm here, he mainly uses his famous family name to whore and drink his way around the world. But then he gets to know a woman who will have a decisive influence on his fate: the prostitute Shae (Sibel Kekilli), with whom he is not allowed to be. Especially not when he is given the task by his father Tywin to serve as the right hand of the new king Joffrey Baratheon (Jack Gleeson). But even in this position, everyone treats Tyrion like dirt. Except for Shae, with whom he secretly continues to meet. For this reason, he's anything but happy when he is supposed to marry Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) in season three (who, by the way, doesn't think it's great either).

At the beginning of the fourth season it finally comes to the moment that all "Game Of Thrones" fans have been waiting for a long time: The nasty Joffrey is murdered. But with Tyrion, the wrong person is accused and imprisoned. When he is about to be executed, which is even forced by his own father, he catches him of all people in flagranti with his great love Shae. Without further ado, he strangles her and shoots his father on the locus with a crossbow - He saves his own life by subsequently escaping from King’s Landing.

But he does not remain a free man for long: In season five, Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen) forks him on the way and takes him prisoner because he wants to give his queen / adored Daenerys the supposedly hostile Lannister as a present. But thanks to his nimble mouth, Tyrion does not end up in the dungeons of Mereen, where Dany rules, but on the contrary in their closest council. As part of this, he then returns to Westeros in Daenerys ‘entourage, where he is responsible, among other things, for ensuring that the Targaryen heiress and Jon Snow (Kit Harington) meet and ultimately become allies.

But can it be that Tyrion will play an even more important role than that of the advisor in the final six episodes? Above all, there is one theory that speaks for it!

In the seventh "Game Of Thrones" season, the theory was confirmed that Jon Snow is actually not the son of Ned and Catelyn Stark, but of Ned's sister Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen. But another theory has been roaming the Internet for many years, according to which Tyrion could also come from the dragon clan. He is said to be the offspring of Tywin's wife Joanna and the mad King Aerys Targaryen.

Tywin was the hand of the mad king and he took a liking to Joanna. So it could well be that at some point he overused his rights as a ruler and raped them. Not entirely unthinkable for someone who, among other things, set fire to the capital of his own empire. That would also explain better why Tywin hates Tyrion so much and often mentions that he is "not his son" and that he would like to see him dead. Of course, this can also be explained by the fact that Joanna died while Tyrion was born and Tywin blames him for it - for a man who values ​​family and legacy as much as the head of the Lannisters, it would be a far better explanation if Tyrion was not actually conceived by him.

But apart from Tywin's hatred of his supposed son, there is some evidence that Tyrion is actually from the Targaryen bloodline. Among other things, his appearance is one of these - at least in the books by George R.R. on which the series is based. Martin. It describes his hair as "almost white", more like that of the Targaryens. And his eyes are suspicious there too: one is green, the other black. Since the members of the family with the lion in the coat of arms usually have completely green eyes - as does Cersei and Jaime - this also stimulates thought and doubt. In the "Game Of Thrones" series, however, this is not taken up - in contrast to the following point.

The dragons as the best indicator

Like most Targaryens - whose heraldic animal is the dragon and who once ruled all of Westeros with the fire-breathing flying animals - Tyrion has always had a great fascination for fire and dragons. In an interview with Jon Snow, he once confirmed that as a little boy it was his greatest dream to own his own kite and soar through the air on its back.

And then in season 6 of "Game Of Thrones" we saw perhaps the best clue so far for the theory that Tyrion is a Targaryen. He approaches Danaerys ‘dragon there and frees her from her dungeon. This is surprising, because the dangerous pangolins are actually extremely picky when deciding who to let in - and apart from Dany and Jon, who are both Targaryen blood, they have only allowed Tyrion on the show so far without any problems to approach and touch them.

The theory that Tyrion will become one of the three dragon riders in the final season of "Game Of Thrones" has now become rather unlikely. For a long time it was thought that three Targaryens would ride the dragons - Daenerys, Jon and maybe Tyrion. In the meantime, however, the wind has been taken out of the sails of these considerations, since the Night King has drawn one of the kites to his side and is therefore one of the three kite riders. We now firmly believe that Dany and Jon will ride the two remaining dragons in season eight - but what if one of them dies? Then Tyrion would be an option again.

Will Tyrion lose his tongue in season 8?

However, there is also evidence that something bad will happen to Tyrion in the final six episodes. In 2017, when the last “GoT” season was broadcast, a theory circulated that he could lose his tongue. In the world of "Game Of Thrones" that would not be unusual - the best-known example is probably the knight Illyn Payne (Wilko Johnson), who appeared in the first two seasons and who lost his tongue to the mad king. And in Westeros there are enough people who would love to take revenge on Tyrion for something - especially his sister Cersei, of course.

But why should he lose his tongue? That's because this Tyrion is arguably the most powerful tool. Due to his physical inferiority, he was forced all his life to resolve conflicts through language, which he usually succeeded in doing. He's certainly the most skilled word acrobat on the series. In addition, the other two Lannister siblings have already been robbed of their most powerful weapons - Jaime of his right hand, which made him one of the greatest swordsmen ever, and Cersei of their flawless beauty and prestige, both of which they lost in the course of their "Walk of Shame". That leaves one Lannister sibling who has not yet experienced such a loss: Tyrion (If he belongs to that family at all). That would definitely be an interesting development that would pose a difficult task for him. But maybe a much worse fate awaits him in season eight: death. Because he betrays Daenerys ...

Does Tyrion die in season 8?

This theory begins in a secret conversation between Tyrion and Cersei in the seventh episode of the seventh season, in which she reveals that she is pregnant again. After Tyrion realizes this, it is cut away immediately, we do not find out what the two siblings will talk about afterwards - but it will probably have something to do with the pregnancy. According to the theory, Tyrion feels complicit in the deaths of Joffrey and Tommen (Dean-Charles Chapman). Could that mean he could take the side of his family again and want to help bring this child to the Iron Throne one day? Who, under his influence, would not grow into such a monster as Joffrey was, but into a good ruler?

In these considerations, the fact that Tyrion recently expressed concerns about Daenerys sometimes cruel behavior and that she cannot have children also plays a role. At least she assumes it herself. The succession to the throne would therefore not be guaranteed if she were ultimately to rule over Westeros. It doesn't sound really realistic, but it does if Tyrion actually made a deal with his sister in the scene mentioned and Dany finds out, then Tyrion will most likely face a death sentence for high treason. But even if that would definitely bring a lot of fire to the last six episodes, we hope for a more positive ending for Tyrion.

Actor Peter Dinklage, on the other hand, would also be satisfied with the death of his character, as he revealed in autumn 2018 and thus fueled speculation about his fate. “I think he got a really good degree. No matter what it is, death can be a great way out "he said in an interview with Vulture. However, you shouldn't take that too seriously, because this statement is just as vague as any in relation to the big series finale. After all, secrecy is very important to “Game Of Thrones”. And so we have no choice but to continue to wait and drink tea, until the fantasy series in this country goes into the last round on the night of April 14th to 15th on Sky.

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