Shy people can be sarcastic

Here are 17 things you need to know about a sarcastic woman.

1. One of the best things about it is that she doesn't take words that seriously. She knows when something is just a joke and what really is an attack. You can say almost anything you want - at least anything you would say in front of your best buddy.

2. The fact that she has a good sense of humor allows this woman to really have fun in life. It is rarely boring with them and they always find a new way to escape everyday life.

3. She has a unique way of showing affection for someone. Because a sarcastic woman won't just say "I love you", at least not too hastily. She often waits a long time to be convinced of her feelings for you, and during that time she wants to have a great time with you and laughing always comes first.

4. It is important not to take everything seriously what she does. She doesn't like to be sarcastic, no she loves it. Because it just is. She doesn't want to offend or upset you. It's just their way of expressing their thoughts and feelings.

5. She will always tell you what she thinks no matter what. She may well hurt you in the process, but she doesn't want to carry a load around with her, so she wants to let out everything she carries on her tongue.

6. Sarcasm is often a sign of a really great personality. And a mark of intelligence, as is the case with almost all people with a good sense of humor. That's why she likes to hang out with intelligent people. And appearance is more like 3-4 place for her when she gets to know someone.

7. Being sarcastic doesn't mean it's sacrosanct. It also has its weaknesses. By being ironic, she tries to cover up some of her weaknesses. She must first be able to trust you completely to show you her insecurities, but then you will learn to love and appreciate her even more.

8. You might think that she is a totally extroverted person, but the truth is that she has a very shy side to her too. If she wants to introduce you to her parents or her closest friends, you will notice how insecure and reluctant she becomes, very different than usual, but that is because she is "only" a person who develops feelings for someone. And that's good.

9. A sarcastic woman loves to flirt, but unlike the others, her way of flirting is slightly different. She either laughs a lot or ignores someone completely. It sounds a little immature and maybe it is, but you have to admit, it makes someone likable when something childish is preserved.

10. It is spontaneous. She likes to live every moment of her life without thinking too much. With her it can happen to you that she stands in front of you grinning with two plane tickets or through her you learn to see life differently, she brings ease into every life. That's probably why it's hard to forget about her once you've dealt with her.

11. Sometimes she wishes she would think then speak. Because we all have things that we would rather not have said. It is the case with her, she keeps saying "mean" things without even meaning them. And if you don't really know her, then maybe that's why you might not like her.

12. It is easy to hurt her, but she would never admit it. You will rarely, most likely never, see her cry. She hides her pain and tears. She rarely talks about her past and the dramas of her life. If you want to know how she's really doing, pay attention to her body language so you can be there for her when she's not feeling well. It's really hard for her to admit that she's falling apart inside.

13. She is a proud personality. You can interpret that negatively. Because she rarely admits when she's done something wrong. But when she realizes she's done something wrong, she stops talking and looks really angry. She's basically mad at herself.

14. She can “read people” quite well. Understanding people's state of mind and emotions differently is related to their ability to express sarcasm well. For example, if she sarcastically responds to your apology, then she probably won't buy your apology from you.

15. Deep down, she's an introverted person. Because they find it exhausting to get to know new people. She then has to be kind and friendly until she knows her well enough to be able to act out her sarcasm. And that's tiring for her, because she hates having to pretend to be "kind".

16. She has the ability to "offend" you while you laugh at it yourself. You won't notice until later that you were pissed off by her, but by then her sense of humor has made you think about it. That's why she's such a lovely personality.

17. She doesn't really have a lot of friends. But not because people don't like their sarcastic ways. It's because she likes to be around the right people. She believes the less the better. Her “environment” is small but always surrounded by people for whom she would do anything.