Loose underwear is better for male health

Sleeping naked - healthy or harmful?

There are many myths about sleeping naked. Allegedly, slumbering without pajamas should not only promote nightly regeneration, but also make it more fertile. Such theses are often justified with scientific studies - but are they serious? In this article, you can find out whether sleeping without pajamas is really worthwhile and what to look out for.

Naked sleep promotes regeneration - true or false?

It has been proven that the biorhythm is slower at night. Blood pressure, heart rhythm, metabolism and organ functions are reduced. In addition, the body temperature drops by about one degree. As the entire organism comes to rest, cell health improves. The immune system also benefits from the time-out.

In order to promote natural regeneration, the body must not be kept excessively warm. Insulating pajamas or tight-fitting pajamas are therefore rather impractical - permanent overheating can lead to insomnia. Whether you have to sleep completely naked for prevention is a matter of belief. In most cases, it is enough to put a leg or arm in the fresh air while you sleep. Then the body automatically settles to the desired temperature and the regenerative processes can run successfully.

Without a nightgown you sleep more easily

There could well be something to this model. If the nightwear pinches or wraps around the body while rolling around, no one feels comfortable. Sensitive people therefore sometimes sleep better if there are no other textiles under the duvet irritating the skin. Very active sleepers who often turn around at night could also benefit from sleeping without clothes.

Our tip: Keep a sleep diary for two weeks: Sleep in the first half of the night without any clothing at all. After waking up, document how you perceived the quality of sleep. In the second week, you choose your favorite clothes, such as a pajama set, nightgown, underwear or shirt. Ensure constant conditions during this time by controlling the temperature and the incidence of light. After two weeks it is easy to see which variant ensures a more comfortable night's sleep.

Sleeping without clothes is good for the relationship

Many women's magazines like to propagate the wisdom that naked sleepers have a better sex life. There are no reliable statistics on this. Rather, one can assume that couples who maintain a harmonious relationship during the day will also be more intimate with each other in the evening. The intimate naked sleep, skin to skin, is the logical consequence.

It is also repeatedly emphasized that sleeping without clothes should promote the production of the cuddle hormone oxytocin. But that is only the half truth.

The hormone, which strengthens the couple relationship and ensures a harmonious feeling, is also expelled when a man and woman cuddle with one another, fully dressed. Bare skin can undoubtedly be beneficial - but chilblains can safely keep their clothes on at night without having to worry about a drop in their hormone levels.

The ventilation should be able to drive away nasty bacteria

Fungi, viruses and other pathogens predominate in a warm and humid environment. Anyone who wears the same tight panties for many nights in a row and is not so strict about hygiene should not be surprised by unpleasant signs of illness.

The Dutch gynecologist Alyssa Dweck, for example, points out this connection. In her practice, she made the experience that women who wear tight-fitting shorties in particular were more likely to have abdominal infections. Consequently, people should be very careful to give their genital area a "breathing space". Anyone who sleeps naked automatically ensures better ventilation of their genital area. Nevertheless, you will not be able to avoid the morning shower.

Naked sleep increases man's fertility

Tight-fitting shorts and briefs constrain the male genital area for hours. This is not only uncomfortable, but can permanently overheat the area. However, because healthy sperm tend to mature in a cooler environment, you should ensure that your pants are loose-fitting in the evening at the latest.

Accordingly, it is particularly useful for men who want to have children to critically check the temperature of their genital area. If you want, you can use the night hours so that the pelvic area can cool down a little without cramping textiles. But then make sure that the abdomen does not cool down at night.

Sleep naked - you should know these tips

There can be many good reasons for sleeping in Adam's costume. For example, some people find it too warm in summer to wear pajamas. Others, however, enjoy the feeling of being able to dream unreservedly with their partner. Whatever lies behind the desire to enjoy sleep without washing your skin directly - a few tips should be heeded.

The right choice of bed linen
During the night, every person loses an average of one to two liters of fluid. Some of these vapors usually end up in pajamas, which therefore have to be washed regularly. In the case of naked sleepers, on the other hand, the surrounding textiles absorb the moisture. For this reason, you should make sure in advance that the bed is equipped with breathable and skin-friendly fabrics. Such duvet covers absorb sweat and heat and move them away from the body.

Classic bedding made of cotton, for example, is predestined for this. Whether cozy covers made of flannel, beaver or mako satin: Such natural materials are easy to care for and feel pleasantly soft and dry on the entire body surface.

Please note: Linen bed linen is not so suitable. It dissipates heat quickly from the body and does not create an insulating layer. Falling asleep is all the more difficult in the cold and under the smooth, cool fibers.

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For comfort from below: Pay attention to the choice of mattress
If you sleep without clothes, you want to be able to feel really free under the blanket. In order for this to succeed, the right underlay is important. Naturalists should therefore be happy about mattresses made of natural fibers or natural latex with organic covers. Such models are air-permeable and support the natural feeling of lying. Because the covers are made of organic cotton or sheep's wool, the result is a feeling of natural sleep.

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Classic mattresses for allergy sufferers are also practical. Because the flakes of skin are not caught by the pajamas, but mainly remain in bed, dust mites can multiply more quickly in naked sleepers. Sensitive people should therefore make sure that the covers are removable and easy to clean. Special allergy encasings are ideal for protecting yourself from mites, bacteria and fungi.

Don't forget to change your clothes regularly
Because the protective pajamas are missing, sweat, flakes of skin, hair and other excretions end up directly in the sheets. The sexual organs are also in contact with the surrounding textiles for hours. That is why it is all the more important to change the covers and fitted sheets regularly. In order to be able to spend the night in a hygienically safe manner, the beds should be freshly made about every three to four days. Also important: Don't forget to ventilate and shake out thoroughly on the days in between.

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Protect against hypothermia
In the deep sleep phase, the body's perception of perception is greatly reduced. If the plumeau has slipped and the neck, legs or even the entire upper body are uncovered for a long time, the next cold is not far away. Additional sheets or blankets are therefore ideal for naked sleepers. Even thin fabrics that are as light as a feather offer a certain protection against hypothermia and can therefore ensure a really restful night's sleep.

Conclusion: healthy or unhealthy - what now?

It can be quite attractive to slip between the sheets without a top or underpants. However, one cannot expect a verifiable better sleep or the much-vaunted health benefits across the board. It makes sense to simply try out the feeling of liberated sleep. If you want, you can leave your socks on for a while to make yourself really comfortable in bed. Then nothing stands in the way of healthy sleep.