Why didn't it rain every day

Sun, wind and rain - weather worldwide

In Russia it snows, in Ireland it rains a lot and in Chile it is very windy. The weather in spring is different everywhere. PASCH students have sent us weather reports from all over the world. And how is the weather with you?

Autumn is slowly approaching at the beginning of the year in the southern hemisphere. In the south it gets cooler and more uncomfortable. At some point it will be cold and the first snow will fall. At the same time, spring is coming in the north. It's getting warmer, the snow is melting and it's more often beautiful and sunny. Around and around the equator, the weather stays the same all year round. It's warm and humid in the rainforest. It rains a lot there. In desert regions it is always dry, hot and sometimes windy.

How is the weather with you in spring?

PASCH students from different countries have written short weather reports and explain the weather to us around the world:

Jessica, Bonus, Cherry and Dragon, Pingkarattana School, Chiangmai, Thailand

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We are Jessica, Bonus, Cherry and Dragon. You can see flowers, trees and leaves in spring. Our friend took the photo.
The spring weather in Thailand is very warm. We have a lot of sun, but sometimes there is rain and wind. The temperatures are around 30 degrees Celsius. What is special is that the weather in the morning and in the morning is very cool, around 16 to 18 degrees Celsius. We like that and then like to ride bikes. But in the afternoon it is very hot, 30 to 35 degrees Celsius. Then we mostly go to the swimming pool.

Javiera, German School Punta Arenas, Chile

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I am on a tree.
April is autumn in Chile. The weather in autumn in Punta Arenas is very changeable: sometimes it rains and sometimes it is sunny. It's usually cool, but sometimes it's even cold or frosty. In autumn it rains a lot and it is also very windy. In autumn weather I like when the leaves are falling and I like their colors and I also like the wind. But I don't like the rain at all.
My favorite weather is snow because I can play in the snow.

Hood, Barakat bin Mohammed School, Barka, Oman

© Private and Ian Sewell CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

In the photo I'm in Wadi Shab, a canyon where we go hiking at the weekend.
We have two seasons in Oman: summer and less summer. It's not that hot in spring. We have sun every day and between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius. I then like to go outside with friends. We go running or play soccer. Sometimes it also rains. I like the clouds and the rain and the wind. Rain is my favorite weather because otherwise it is very hot. But it is also dangerous because everything floods quickly.

Diana, Collège International des Marcellines, Montréal, Canada

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You can see my sister in the photo. We have to dress warmly in the cold!
Spring is often cold in Canada. The weather is different every day. It's very changeable. We have snow or wind, sometimes rain or freezing rain. Or sun! The temperatures are not high, around -5 to +5 degrees Celsius. I don't like it when it's too cold. My favorite weather is when the sun is shining and it's warm. Then I prefer to play basketball outside.

Cillian, Cillian, Seamus and Breandan, Coláste Eoin agus Íosagáin, Dublin, Ireland

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Choppy weather: The hurling friends Cillian, Cillian, Seamus and Breandan stand in the rain before the big game.
In Ireland the weather is changeable. It can be warm or cold. Of course it rains a lot on the green island, but it only snows a little. In spring the temperature is around 10 degrees Celsius. We're not that excited when we get wet while exercising. But it's not the end of the world! Our favorite weather is sunshine. Then we don't need our jackets. In this weather we prefer to play Gaelic football and hurling during the school break.

Tamara, Maria and Casey, Golden Valley School, Heredia, Costa Rica

© Daniel Moisch

In this photo we can see Tamara, Maria and Casey. You're in eighth grade.
Costa Rica is in the tropical zone of Central America and has very pleasant weather. There is no summer and winter, but rainy and dry seasons. The dry season is from December to April, we call it summer. Then we have 25 to 34 degrees Celsius. The sun shines a lot and you should always use sunscreen. The rainy season runs from May to November. Then you always have to take an umbrella with you because you never know when it will rain.

Sofia, High School No. 6, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

© M. Cherniakova and ShavPS CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

I am sofia In this photo my mother took, I am standing in front of the Krasnoyarsk Chapel.
In the north of Russia it is still winter in spring. It is very cold and snows in January. Strong winds blow in February. Temperatures in Siberia reach -25 degrees Celsius. I like the clear sky and the fresh air, but I can't stand the frost. But spring is coming soon. The days are getting longer and the sun is shining. I love the summer days more when the sun is warm, the sky is clear and a gentle breeze is blowing.

Ezra, Chang'ombe Demonstration Secondary School, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

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Ezra on the beach in Dar es Salaam.
In Tanzania it is very hot in spring, an average of 30 degrees Celsius. The sun shines a lot here, but sometimes it also rains. Coastal cities like Dar es Salaam are particularly warm. In spring the weather is strange. It rains briefly, then it stops and the sun shines again. Many people then say, “The lion is giving birth to a new child!” But that's just a joke. I love the rain, especially at night. Then I sleep well and have nice dreams.

Sama, French Gymnasium, Berlin, Germany

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I am Sama and can be seen here in the forest. My mother took the photo.
In Germany, the weather is often changeable in spring - sometimes sunny, then rainy again. However, the temperatures no longer drop below zero degrees Celsius. Light and warmth provide energy and put you in a good mood. The first flowers bloom and the birds are singing. My favorite weather is fresh and clear. Then I can do sports. In this weather, I prefer to go to the park.

Oussama, Aya and Nahla, Lycée Descartes, Rabat, Morocco

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In the photo on the left we see Aya. She does athletics. In the photo on the right, we, Oussama and Nahla, are on the beach. We took the photos.
In Morocco it is warm from morning to evening in spring. Most of the time the sun is shining and there are few clouds. But the weather can be crazy too. For example, there may be rain in the morning and it is nice again later. We like the summer best. Then the sky is blue and there are no clouds. We then go for a walk on the beach. That is fun!