What is it like to admire someone

People who dazzle

Admiration This power, almost irresistible, makes us show special consideration for something or for someone we sometimes do not know.When we admire someone, we feel a mixture of attraction and devotion. Admiration leads to confusion, to the recognition of qualities that we can achieve and even increase.

"Blessed is he who has learned to admire but not to envy, to follow but not to imitate, to praise but not to flatter, to lead but not to manipulate."

-William Arthur Ward-

Different ways of admiring someone

This feeling is not always directed in the same sense, that is, it is not the same to admire a teacher, for example, as a movie star. There are those who see a kind of hidden envy in admiration, a spontaneous attempt to reflect within ourselves what we like about these other people.

As I said, it is not always admired in the same way. When we have admiration for someone we know who is part of our lives this feeling can also be an act of appreciation for the support you give us or for what you taught us. This is the case, for example, with a teacher, a friend or relative.

Also, We can be amazed by this person because we love his character, his personality, his thoughts, his way of seeing life, facing everyday life or his physical appearance.

"Love, friendship, respect, admiration are one man's emotional response to another man's virtues, the spiritual reward given in personal exchange, the selfish pleasure one man receives from another man's virtues."

-Ayn Rand-

We can feel admired by peoplewho practice our profession and that we see as an example that we must take as an example, as a model that forces us to learn from it. In this sense, admiration in this person becomes an acknowledgment of qualities or virtues that are valuable to us. This individual becomes a reference, a model that encourages us to become better.

When we admire a stranger

By admiring someone we don't know We usually ascribe a number of characteristics that do not always reflect reality. Properties that we even enlarge on many occasions.

With that in mind, we can admire a movie star for her popularity or for the life we ​​imagine. Some people also think that falling in love also brings a dose of admiration towards the other person.

But there are also people who arouse this feeling for the values ​​they represent and we recognize that as positive. For example, Ghandi or Nelson Mandela are an example of how, with their struggle and perseverance, peaceful transformations have been achieved in the world, which has meant the admiration of millions of people over time.

The mystery that surrounds nature can also lead to confusion within us. A sunset, an astronomical phenomenon or a beautiful landscape can stimulate our senses and arouse our amazement. Aristotle already warned that philosophy was born out of admiration, that man had understood that reality has meaning and reason.

"There is an innocence in admiration; it is found in those who have not yet happened to them: that they too can one day be admired."

-Friedrich Nietzsche-

In spite of everything, There are those who defend that the best admiration one can feel is admiration for oneself.

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