Has anyone had sex with a celebrity?

Never Had Sex: These 10 Famous People died a virgin!

4. Immanuel Kant:

The philosopher devoted his life completely to the teachings of history, religion and politics. But the more passionately he devoted himself to life, the more shy he was when it came to human relationships. He died a virgin at the age of 79 ...

5. J. Edgar Hoover:

Known to most as Leonardo DiCaprio, who embodied him so perfectly that it even rained an Oscar nomination for "J. Edgar", the FBI chief committed his life entirely to the secret missions. Though it was whispered that he had a secret relationship with his assistant, he officially died untouched.

6. Queen Elisabeth I:

She was also known as "The Virgin Queen" - and turned down every marriage proposal that was ever made to her.

7. Sir Isaac Newton:

The only love Sir Isaac took to the grave was science: instead of sex, he was interested in the study of gravity. He was never interested in getting married, so many historians assume that he died a virgin.

8. Nikola Tesla:

The physicist was open to abstinence because he did not want to be distracted from his work. Fortunately, because he advanced research into electrical energy transmission like no one else.

9. Mother Teresa: