Which is associated with civil engineering

1.) Water as the basis for life and health
With the construction of the first sewers and the secure supply of fresh, sterile water, the hygienic conditions in the settlements and cities that were created in the course of industrialization were considerably improved. As a result, life expectancy and people's quality of life could be increased significantly. H & W Tiefbau GmbH & Co. KG contributes to the expansion of this important supply and disposal infrastructure for the benefit of all or to keep it up to date with the business areas of sewer construction and water pipe construction.

2.) Housing as an elementary basic need
By developing residential areas and carrying out all civil engineering work required for the construction of houses, the employees of H & W Tiefbau GmbH & Co. KG help to meet this basic need of the people.

3.) Production, trade and service as the basis of our economy based on the division of labor
Our prosperity is essentially based on our economic system based on the division of labor. Production facilities, commercial and service properties need civil engineering services both for their creation and for the maintenance of their outdoor facilities, their wastewater disposal and their water supply. The creation of rainwater infiltration and retention systems protects the environment and our infrastructure. The employees at H & W Tiefbau GmbH & Co. KG make an important contribution to this.

4.) Transport routes as the backbone and lifeline of our economy, leisure and freedom
An intact road network - from the residential street to the motorway - is an indispensable part of a highly developed infrastructure and our prosperity. Our team from H & W Tiefbau GmbH & Co. KG is helping to expand and maintain the infrastructure of our country by building safe municipal roads and paths.

5.) The focus is on people
“People make business and markets” - but not as an end in itself, but so that they ultimately serve the prosperity and well-being of the people and make everyone involved happy. We stand for the joy, satisfaction and benefit of everyone involved on the way to economically viable results. We therefore attach great importance to fair and respectful dealings with our customers and their representatives as well as our suppliers. The prerequisite and basis for this is appropriate interaction with one another within the company.

6.) Loyalty and solidarity
Loyalty and solidarity are not one-way streets. What I am not ready to give myself, I cannot expect from others either. The mutual obligation for the benefit of all who are connected with H & W Tiefbau GmbH & Co. KG makes us strong and superior to our competitors in the market.

7.) Economic strength and financial independence as the basis for freedom and security in the future
Only an economically strong company that is independent of banks and occasional recession phases can guarantee its employees and owners permanently secure jobs and a secure economic livelihood. The prerequisites for this are the highest possible income and a high level of equity. This means for our attitude and our actions: The employees contribute to the achievement of good results through their professional - technical and their personal - social competence as well as through their special willingness to perform. Unnecessary costs and expenses are avoided. A high quality of work prevents costs and creates a good external image. The management and the owners avoid all recognizable risks that could endanger the company's existence. Most of the profits remain with the company. They are used to strengthen the equity base, the necessary investments in modern equipment and vehicles, innovations as well as the further training and development of the technical and social skills of the employees.

It is our endeavor and our responsibility to manage and work in such a way that we can always say in the end: "We did our best!"