How can I help others in need

Indian variant of the coronavirus is increasingly being detected in Germany
Help in need

This is how you can help in the Corona crisis

While some are bored at home with the blanket falling on their heads, others are overwhelmed by stress and work. Time to Help Each Other! But how?

The corona crisis does not affect everyone equally. While some continue to live almost normally and some are bored at home, others need support right now. From day-to-day tasks to small errands to help in a few minutes, there is something for everyone. An overview of who can be helped and how:

  • Hospitals: Right now every hand is needed in hospitals and medical practices. Medical students or retired doctors can help in numerous facilities - whether on the phone or in the emergency room. The website "Medis vs Covid19" lists more than 300 institutions in Germany and Austria that are still looking for support. And those who are not medically skilled can help with a donation: blood and blood plasma are still urgently needed.
  • Risk group: Leaving your own four walls can be dangerous for people with previous illnesses or for the elderly. That is why there is already neighborhood help in many areas. People are often looking for someone to do the shopping. But some people also ask to go for a walk with the dog. There are searches for "Quarantine Heroes", "Next Door" or "We Against Corona".
  • Homeless and needy: Because many helpers are currently no longer available and facilities remain closed, the food bank is looking for people to pack and deliver food. Food donations are also welcome. In many cities there are also so-called gift fences, where people provide food, clothing and hygiene products packed in bags for the needy. You can find locations on the Internet, in Augsburg, for example, there is one at the Church of St. Anna on Annastra├če. If you want to set up a gift fence in the neighborhood, you should think of making a sign and posting notice to draw attention to the fence.
  • Student: For millions of students, closed schools mean that they are studying alone. Students can therefore help to understand the learning content and do their homework via video chat - for example via the "Corona-School" platform.
  • Shops: For small companies in particular, shop closing can be a threat to their very existence. Many therefore call for people to buy online from small businesses or to order takeaway food in cafes and restaurants. Closed shops, clubs and theaters can also receive financial support: the "Local Support" portal offers vouchers that can be redeemed later.
  • People with little knowledge of German: Anyone who speaks little or no German needs accurate information on medical topics right now. The organization "Triaphon" is therefore looking for volunteers to interpret for clinics on the phone. Anyone who speaks fluent German and Farsi / Dari, Vietnamese, Kurdish or Romanian can participate at the moment.
  • Farmers: Hundreds of thousands of harvest workers are currently missing due to the corona crisis. So that ripe fruit and vegetables can be harvested, sold and eaten, people can help farmers in their region with the harvest. Paid offers are available online at "Bauer sucht Hilfe", "Landarbeit" and "Das Land hilft".
  • Living alone: Social or physical distance can also mean loneliness. A nice letter or phone call to grandma or a friend living alone can help.
  • Systemically relevant occupational groups: To support people who work in retail or in a clinic, educators and students of social work can help with childcare. You can register on the "Yoopies" platform. (tmn)

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