Can you sink an aircraft carrier

China wants to sink US aircraft carriers with one hit

US aircraft carriers in Asian waters are now directly threatened by a new Chinese medium-range missile. The Dongfeng 21D was presented for the first time at the military parade marking the 70th anniversary of the end of the Sino-Japanese War in Beijing last week. The missile is so explosive that it can sink large warships and aircraft carriers with one hit.

The American armed forces are alarmed: The new Dong Feng 21D missile only needs a few minutes to sink American warships in Asian waters. Now the Americans are working on anti-missile missiles.

Photo: Wang Qingqin / Xinhua / dpa

For years, the US military has been watching the development of the Dongfeng (east wind) 21D with concern. The land-based medium-range missile with a range of 1500 km not only has enormous explosive power. The control system is also flexible enough to hit moving ships.

The target of the missile is not programmed in detail when it is launched. Even shortly before the impact, it can only be set up for a specific target. Therefore, it can also hit aircraft carriers and warships that have moved further after being shot down. The American armed forces see such a threat in the Chinese missile that they are working flat out on a defense missile.

The new rocket was demonstrated at the military parade in Beijing, but only embedded in a mobile launch pad, as is also used for other Chinese rockets.

China defends itself against the presence of the US aircraft companyÄger in the Pacific

The constant presence of American aircraft carriers in the Pacific, also to protect the island of Taiwan, which lies directly off China's coast, has prompted the government in Beijing to make considerable efforts to develop a missile system to combat large warships. The China Changfeng Mechanics and Electronics Technology Academy is at the center of the development of the new rocket. The modern version of the DF 21D has now followed the first developments of Dongfeng-21 missiles.

The new Chinese missile Dong Feng 21D on Tiananmen Square: The medium-range missile is incredibly fast at up to 15,000 km / h and is intended to sink American aircraft carriers in the event of war.

Source: Wu Hong / dpa

The new missile only has a range of 1,500 km, but Chinese engineers are almost certain to be working on increasing the range. The technical performance of the rocket is much more spectacular. It should reach a speed between 14,000 and 15,000 km / h. This means that a maximum of six to seven minutes pass between the launch of the rocket and the impact. The advance warning time for the US Army is extremely short. This means that the Dongfeng missile is largely safe from today's anti-missile missiles, as the latter cannot fly as quickly.

Rocket leaves the earth's atmosphere for a short time

The DF 21D is a two-stage rocket with motors that are fired with solid fuel. In its trajectory, it first leaves the earth's atmosphere and only dips into it again shortly before reaching its destination. The missile can carry conventional and nuclear warheads. In the nuclear version, the warhead is said to have a capacity of 300 megatons. That is enough to completely sink an aircraft carrier in just a few minutes.

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