Why is nothing ever enough

Narcissistic mothers teach their daughters that they are only loved if they behave according to maternal expectations and whims. Often times, as these women grow up, they find it difficult to overcome their feelings of inadequacy, disappointment, emotional emptiness, and sadness, and sometimes they are afraid of being abandoned. Therefore, they often start dysfunctional love relationships and develop a tendency to perfectionism, to incessant self-criticism or to self-sabotage and frustration.

Dr. McBride's step-by-step program will help sufferers (1) recognize their own experiences of maternal narcissism and its effects on all aspects of their lives; (2) discover which verbal and non-verbal messages from their mothers internalized them and how these led them to develop excessive ambition or a tendency to self-sabotage; (3) develop a personal program that will help them take control of their lives again and boost their self-esteem.

"Will I Ever Be Good Enough?" Is a moving book for daughters who have suffered the harmful influence of their selfish and self-centered mothers. It contains the detailed help that affected women need to overcome harmful influences and reclaim their lives for themselves.

Dr. McBride's warm and compassionate portrayal of maternal narcissism is encouraging and inspiring, helping affected women on their way to recovery.

It's not a book about guilt, it's about healing!

"If we do not understand our mothers and what their narcissism did to us, we cannot be cured of the aftermath of this influence." Dr. Karyl McBride

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"The book Will i ever be good enough highlights a very widespread and hitherto neglected injury that occurs when a woman grows up with a narcissistic mother. In her captivating book, Karyl McBride describes an effective way to heal this injury so that affected women can find their way back to an unconstrained and joyful life. ”- Christiane Northrup

"Dr. Karyl McBride gathers a chorus of female voices that encompasses all facets of experiencing maternal narcissism. ... After reading this book you are no longer alone on the way to recovery. "-Sandy Hotchkiss

“The long-term destructive effects narcissistic parents burden their children with are well known. However, to date there has been very little useful advice for people raised with narcissistic parents. In her highly instructive book, Dr. McBride explains in great detail the relationship of narcissistic mothers to their daughters and their harmful influence. In addition, the book provides practical guidance for working on problems of this kind. This is an indispensable resource for women who have grown up with narcissistic mothers and who are looking for change search." -W. Keith Campbell

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KARYL McBRIDE, Ph.D., is a state-licensed marriage and family therapist practicing in Denver, Colorado / USA. She specializes in treating clients with problems caused by dysfunctional familial influences. For over 17 years, Dr. McBride researched the situation of children of narcissistic parents, primarily interested in women raised by narcissistic mothers. She has treated many of the daughters of such mothers.

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