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What is AliExpress

Alibaba, the parent company of AliExpress, was only founded in 1999 by Jack Ma. In the 2016 financial year, the platform's sales will still amount to 15.6 billion US dollars. Alibaba employs over 36,000 people.

AliExpress is a business-to-customer trading platform, better known in Switzerland as the online marketplace. AliExpress can be understood as the Chinese answer to Amazon, which dominates the American and German markets. In Switzerland there is still no real alternative to the Chinese trading platform.

Thousands of retailers and private individuals from China and the wider Asian region offer their products for sale on AliExpress. A wide range of products is available, from A for auto parts, to T for textiles to Z for zenphones. The offers on AliExpress are extremely cheap for us Swiss. Cell phone chargers for $ 2, a case for the Surface Pro 4 for $ 8, screen protectors at a third of the price in Switzerland.

Especially due to the very low prices, AliExpress is extremely interesting for Swiss customers.

Seriousness of the AliExpress dealers

Most AliExpress dealers are very reputable and are checked when AliExpress is activated. In addition, they can be delisted by AliExpress at any time and would thus lose one of the most important sales channels. For these reasons it is in the best interests of the retailer to be reputable and to receive good reviews.

Nevertheless, Chinese standards cannot be compared with Swiss standards. Slight scratches or slight deviations from the product description are part of everyday life in China. Counterfeit goods are often not criticized, but admired. We have dedicated a separate section below to counterfeit goods.

If you want to be absolutely sure, you work through our little checklist. This will most likely rule out the possibility of a bad experience.

How was the retailer rated on AliExpress: Similar to how it is known from ricardo or ebay, customers can rate a retailer or seller. You can find the rating when you click on a shop and then select “Feedback” in the menu. See an example in the screenshot below. This retailer has received very good feedback and so you can most likely order from them without any problems.

Here is an example of a well-rated shop: How was the product you want to buy rated: Not only the shop, but also the product purchased is rated. If the right color arrived, was the quality good, was the size right. If the ratings are also correct there, nothing stands in the way of your order!

The rating of a product on AliExpress.

If there is a problem or a question arises, you can contact the dealers with a message. You will usually receive an answer within 24 hours, often much faster with large retailers. The customer service is of course not comparable to that of a Swiss dealer. Nevertheless, the dealers are very helpful, even if the messages sometimes come in just a few words and with many smileys.

Not like customer service in Switzerland - but quick and helpful nonetheless.

Counterfeit items on AliExpress and its consequences

Real or fake?

Counterfeit, counterfeit and copied products have a long tradition in China. In China there is nothing wrong with manufacturing and distributing a counterfeit product. Nevertheless, counterfeit items are rigorously delisted at AliExpress and the dealers are blocked. Nevertheless, you should be a little careful with branded products.

It is best to take a look at the reviews of previous customers, if there are no reviews, we would not recommend ordering expensive branded products from AliExpress in Switzerland.

Counterfeit items can be confiscated and destroyed at Swiss customs. But that is very seldom the case. The dealers on AliExpress use all sorts of tricks to prevent their packages from being scrutinized by customs. It is therefore very unlikely that a counterfeit item you ordered will be confiscated and destroyed. In 2015, just 2,377 counterfeit products were taken out of circulation in Switzerland. If you imagine how many counterfeit items from Turkey, Thailand or China cross the Swiss border every day, an extremely small amount.

It is even less likely that customs will charge you for it. Usually the products will be confiscated, destroyed and you will receive an information letter. However, there is a possibility that Swiss customs will report you to the trademark owner. But this only happens with very few brands. If you then receive mail from a lawyer, you can contest his claim. The ordered product must, however, be destroyed.

Which articles on AliExpress you should pay particular attention to

Order a smartphone from AliExpress?

Certain articles are not worth importing into Switzerland due to their quality. We generally recommend paying particular attention to the following product groups.

electronics: Electronic items often do not meet Swiss standards or important certifications for the items are missing. Care is required, especially with very cheap electronic items. Sometimes these are fake, sometimes they don't work properly. But there are also people who only order their smartphones from AliExpress and have only had good experiences so far. We at Price Pirate would advise against ordering large electronic items from AliExpress.

clothing: The quality of the clothing on the Chinese online marketplace is generally very good. However, there is a problem with the size specifications, which are often much smaller in China than ours. So it can happen that you have to order an “XL” from AliExpress instead of your normal size “S”. Since the size specifications differ from retailer to retailer, be sure to look at the comments on the product you want to buy. Other buyers often state how big the clothes actually are. A second trick is to measure yourself and indicate these dimensions directly in the order under comments. Then the dealer checks that the size is right.

Obviously counterfeit goods: With certain goods, the product description, the far too low price for a branded article or other circumstances can tell at first glance that it is a counterfeit. You should keep your hands off an order here, as the items could be confiscated by Swiss customs.

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Customs duties and postal fee when importing into Switzerland (Update 2018)

For orders under CHF 62 (attention: value of goods + shipping costs = order), you do not have to pay any customs duties, as the de minimis limit has not been reached. It would not be worthwhile for Swiss customs to declare every order, no matter how small, as the effort involved is too great. Customs are only due if you have ordered goods for more than CHF 65.-.

From an order value including delivery charges that is greater than CHF 65, you have to pay customs duties and the price for import customs clearance. You can calculate the order value including delivery charges by converting the price you paid on AliExpress into Swiss Francs. The easiest way to do this is with Google, just enter “62 USD to CHF” and Google will convert the currency for you.

Customs fees / VAT: From an order value of CHF 65 or more, Swiss VAT of 7.7% of the value of the goods is due. In addition, Swiss Post charges a fee of CHF 16 + 3% of the value of the goods for customs clearance. The value added tax is collected by the post office when the parcel is handed over. Postal transfer tax: The so-called postal transfer tax is due for the expenses that Swiss Post incurs for customs clearance. This amounts to CHF 16.- plus 3% of the value of the goods for “normal” orders. The post office fee will also be collected directly from the mail carrier or you will have to pay it when you pick it up at the post office.

Examples: It was all a little complicated now, two examples will make it very easy.

example 1: Order for CHF 33, CHF 2 delivery charges. You do not pay any customs or postal transfer tax, as the order value does not exceed the marginal value of CHF 62.

Example 2: Order for CHF 122, CHF 2 delivery charges. You pay CHF 9.55.- VAT (7.7% of CHF 122), CHF 16.- + 3.72 (3% of the value of the goods) postal transfer tax. So you pay a total of CHF 153.27.-

Pro tip: Many retailers on AliExpress try to cheat customs and give the value of the delivery far too low. For my last order I paid around CHF 10.-, but the value on the package was only given as USD 1.50. This has only advantages for you, depending on the situation, you can save yourself customs duties. If you get caught by customs, you don't need to be afraid, because you can't help it for this deception.

Update 2018
Since January 1, 2018, there are no longer any fees for the random check of parcels with a value of less than CHF 65.- In addition, customs clearance at the post office for parcels from China only costs CHF 16.- plus 3% of the value of the goods instead of CHF 27 .-

Delivery time for AliExpress orders to Switzerland

The delivery from China to Switzerland takes some time. At AliExpress, you always have the option of choosing the shipping method you want. The approximate shipping time to Switzerland is displayed for each shipping method. Usually delivery takes anywhere from two weeks to a month.

We recommend choosing AliExpress Standard Shipping where possible. This delivery method is free or very cheap and the delivery is quick and reliable. China Post Registered Air Mail, on the other hand, often takes longer than stated.

About one day after you ordered from AliExpress, you will receive a tracking number that you can use to track your package. You can find this number when you click on myAliExpress in the top right corner of AliExpress and then click on My Orders.

On the next screen you can click on “Track Order”. Here you can see exactly where your shipment is currently located.

Pro tip: Copy the tracking number at AliExpress and track your order via 17Track. 17Track is a little more precise and provides more details than AliExpress tracking.

Tips and tricks for AliExpress orders

AliExpress Super Deals: The AliExpress Super Deals are highlight products that change daily and are offered again at a significantly lower price. New super deals are added every 24 hours. To the AliExpress Super Deals.

Use Ali Express Standard Shipping: This delivery method is good and cheap Order in time: Deliveries from the Far East take time. You will usually receive your AliExpress packages within two weeks, but it happens time and again that deliveries take up to a month or even longer. Articles that you absolutely need at a certain point in time can either be ordered with a large margin of safety or, better still, in Switzerland.

Split orders: In order to save customs costs and, above all, the postal transfer tax, split your order into smaller orders. The shipping costs to Switzerland are usually free or cost less than one franc, but the savings potential is huge.

Single's Day Discounts: Singles Day is practically unknown in Switzerland. In China, November 11th is celebrated every year at AliExpress with generous discounts. It's best to stop by AliExpress on November 11th to get even bigger bargains than usual.


If you've never ordered from AliExpress, you should definitely try it out. The offer is extremely diverse and also contains many curiosities. In addition, your order is very safe as long as you follow our instructions and the precautionary measures.

The Preispirat team has already ordered dozens of items from AliExpress and has never been disappointed. Be sure to let us know your experiences with AliExpress in the comments!

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