Where can I study crystallography?

Niche course with potential: crystallography in the course check at fudder

Small but mighty

Every lawyer is a bogus, every psychology student has a crack: there are many prejudices about students. fudder explains what Freiburg courses are really about and what the clichés are about. Today: crystallography.

At the University of Freiburg, crystallography is correctly called Sustainable Materials with the profile line Crystalline Materials and is part of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy. People from all over the world come to Freiburg for the "Signature" Masters course at the University of Freiburg.

The main focus of this course is the cultivation and characterization of crystals and the application of the associated technologies. This improves solar cell technology or X-ray detectors in medicine, for example. For research purposes, crystal samples are even shot into space to check the effects of gravitational forces on the material. Incidentally, all lectures in the course are held in English in order to take account of the international orientation and the target group.

There are a little more - or as we say a µ - more men than women. In the 2018/2019 winter semester, a total of 17 students began studying crystallography. Of these, 14 are male (82.352941176470588235294117647059 percent) and three are female (17.647058823529411764705882352941 percent). The following fact has nothing to do with the gender aspect, but shows the international orientation of the course: Many of the students come from China, India, South Korea or Norway, among others.

A prejudice that is completely made up

A prejudice that is completely made up is the prejudice that there are prejudices with regard to the study of crystallography.

A prejudice as to what is true

Since hardly anyone knows the course, there are no prejudices.

Please what are you studying Before you really go far enough to explain what it actually is, you decide to say "I'm studying materials science". You still have to explain - but not for so long.

Why to study crystallography

Someone has to build and charge the energy crystals that predict the future and are petted on Astro-TV. Anyone who does not want to work in this television branch will in any case have a very promising professional field after their studies. In all likelihood, you won't have any problems finding a job. Later you often work in the semiconductor industry, in the photovoltaic industry for solar cell manufacturers or in research institutions such as the Fraunhofer Institute or the university.

Due to the limited financial resources, many laboratory devices are no longer up-to-date and often have to be serviced.

What crystallography students do in the lecture

To listen. It is definitely better if, including you, only five people are sitting in the lecture and the professor is no more than three meters in front of you.

Where crystallography students can be found

The common crystallography student can be found in front of the PC, in the laboratory at the microscope or growing crystals.

The first master’s semester is still relatively relaxed. If you want to reserve the fourth semester exclusively for the master's thesis, both the second and third semesters are really packed. But it's still enough for a coffee break.

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