How much is a university professor paid

The salary as a professor

  • EUR 4600 gross to EUR 4800 gross

In later professional life, the salary again depends on the corresponding salary level in which the university professor is classified. Most often, a professor in Germany is classified at level W3.

Converted to the month, this results in an income of roughly the following order of magnitude:

  • 6000 euros gross per month

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Salary professorships

There are differences in the salaries of professors. For junior professorships there is a W1 salary and, in ascending order, the W2 and W3 salary. This salary differs from state to state; for the W1 salary it is between 4,300 and 4,600 euros. For W2 and W3 salaries, it is between 5,000 and 6,500 euros.

SalaryW1 salaryW2 salaryW3 salary
Federation4,565.50 eurosLevel 1: 5,671.96 eurosLevel 1: 6,339.26 euros

Advantages in terms of the salary in the professorship

Anyone who is employed as a professor as a civil servant enjoys the advantages of a salary. Wages include fewer tax levies as well as surcharges and bonuses and the pension, which is paid to civil servants instead of a pension.

As a civil servant you don't have to pay any social security contributions, only wage tax and possibly church tax and the solidarity surcharge are deducted. As a civil servant, you have to include a contribution to private health insurance for health insurance.

The salary in studying to become a professor

A professor is a university lecturer who at one time completed a corresponding course of study in his subject area and was appointed professor one day, usually after the 40s. He has thus obtained the right to teach at universities. Accordingly, there is of course no salary in the course.

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