What are guidelines for carpet shampooing

Moving in: How clean does the apartment have to be?

Of course, as a tenant, you can have an apartment repaired by a cleaning company if you want. Agree on a purchase guarantee with the company! This means that they are obliged to clean themselves until the apartment can be handed over. It is also an advantage if someone from the cleaning company is present when the goods are handed over. That makes a serious impression to the landlord, and minor post-cleaning can be done on the spot. Obtain an offer before placing the order. Reputable companies look at the apartment before making an offer.

It is not entirely clear to what extent the landlord can prescribe professional cleaning in the rental agreement. A flat-rate cleaning fee stipulated in the rental contract, as is customary in north-western Switzerland, is not objectionable. Most rental contracts there stipulate that the tenant only has to clean the house “swept clean” and pays the landlord six francs per square meter for more thorough cleaning. Such a flat rate must not be set too high, the landlord must not do business with it. Six francs per square meter is undoubtedly within the permissible range.

However, contractual clauses that require the tenant to carry out cleaning work that are only possible with the assistance of specialists are not valid. One example is the requirement to have carpets deep-extracted by a company.