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The 13 scariest places in Europe

Who doesn't like to be really scared? Well, now you can include this experience in your vacation planning and visit one or more of the most eerily beautiful places in Europe. And just to make it clear: These places are definitely worth a trip outside of Halloween!

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The first pit stop on any tour of the scariest places in Europe is without a doubt London. Eerie Victorian tombs and haunted pubs like The Ten Bells are just two examples.

Book the Jack the Ripper tour or visit the London Dungeon to learn more about the truly gruesome history of the state capital. If it can be a little more bizarre, the Grant Museum has over 68,000 preserved animal specimens and a wonderful collection of brains.

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Bucharest is the ideal destination for vampire hunters. Just a short drive from the Romanian capital is Transylvania. This is where the castle rises, in which Vlad III, the "Impaler", once resided.

Vlad's brutal manner in which he tortured his victims inspired Bram Stoker to write the book "Dracula" and the castle is now one of the most visited sights in Romania.

Bucharest is also home to the Cismigiu Hotel, where the soul of a young woman haunts. The parliament building is also inhabited by another ghost who asks visitors for help.

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Speaking of Dracula: The book about the famous vampire was written by the Dublin son Bram Stoker. Every October the capital of Ireland hosts a festival in honor of this writer, four days of spooky adventures.

But even if you're not arriving in October, you can check out Dracula's legacy at Castle Dracula in Stoker's hometown of Clontarf.

If you are looking for a really spooky adventure, head to Dublin's Hellfire Club on Montpellier Hill. In this former hunting lodge, if the stories are true, really terrible things have happened.

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The Italian capital has a rather unusual relationship to the afterlife. Thousands of statues in the city are dedicated to the deceased.

In St. Peter's Basilica you can visit the Gate of Death, which depicts the deaths of Jesus, Mary and Saint Peter. Many Catholics refuse to enter through this door as it is said to be unlucky.

At Campo de'Fiori, many visitors are said to have seen the spirit of the philosopher and astrologer Giordano Bruno walking across the square. He was accused of heresy and executed by the Roman Inquisition. His statue now rests on the Campo de'Fiori and reminds of those times with horror.

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For those who are passionate about the supernatural, Madrid is a destination that has it all. The capital's Treasury Department was used as a prison during the Civil War and many of the fallen were buried here.

The guards report strange voices, slamming windows and doors that they hear during their shift. If you're looking for ghosts, a visit to the Palais Linares should definitely be on your list.

The former home of a noble family is haunted by the ghost of the murdered daughter. The Reina Sofia Museum, one of the most visited in Spain, is also haunted by the souls of patients, dating back to when the building was used as a hospital.

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Edinburgh is without a doubt one of the scariest travel destinations in Europe. From haunted theaters to underground vaults and corridors that freeze the blood in your veins, the Scottish capital is a must-see for anyone who loves to listen to horror stories.

The most terrifying place to visit in town is Greyfriars Kirkyard Cemetery, which was once one of the first concentration camps in the world. Many Presbyterian allies were executed here. George Mackenzie was one of those responsible and there is alleged paranormal activity around his grave.

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Corinaldo has two faces: On the one hand, it is an idyllic, Italian small town with picturesque landscapes and a truly wonderfully beautiful nature. On the other hand, its inhabitants are the descendants of a long line of witches who are still worshiped today.

If you visit Corinaldo during Halloween time, you should be prepared for the worst. Corinaldo is the capital of witches and "celebrates" Halloween with a terrifying event they call "Halloween - the witch festival".

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Perhaps you remember the film “See Bruges ... and die?”, Which describes the city as a kind of fairytale place. But if you can believe the ghost stories that are circulating here, then it is more of a nightmare.

Many ghost hunters travel to Bruges year after year to see the IM cooling tower and Chateau Miranda, two of the scariest, now-abandoned buildings in the country.

The most famous story is about a monk and a nun who lived on the Reie River. The monk was in love with the nun, but murdered her and buried her body in a secret tunnel. The two now haunt the streets of Bruges and frighten the people there. Then at midnight they disappear.

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Although Paris is actually known as the city of love, some supernatural things are going on here too. The Musée des Vampires is arguably the spookiest museum in town with a collection that includes vampire prevention equipment and mummified cats.

Those who like to be frightened are in good hands at Le Manoir de Paris, a museum and haunted house. If you see the Red Man wandering the streets at night, then be careful. The former royal hunter is now regarded as the harbinger of death, the grim reaper of Paris, so to speak.

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Another capital of Europe and even more enchanted buildings. Berlin rises on a labyrinth of dark tunnels under the earth, around which countless stories entwine.

There is an old, Gothic Franciscan monastery on Klosterstrasse, where Brother Roderich is up to mischief, an incredibly vicious journeyman who murdered his own son.

In Berlin's citadel, Anna Sydow's ghost wanders restlessly through the halls to find a way out after being locked up by her lover's son.

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Bratislava probably has more ghost stories per inhabitant than any other city in Europe. That shouldn't come as a surprise, because it is one of the oldest cities on the continent and although it is nestled in the middle of the beautiful Carpathian Mountains and vineyards, the Slovak capital also has a lot of creepy stories in store.

One of the most famous is that of Ursula, a lady who was involved in one of the strangest love triangles in the world. Ursula was in love with the same man her friend had fallen in love with. She then spread the rumor that her friend was a witch and she was burned at the stake. Ursula was plagued with guilt for the rest of her life.

Isn't love something wonderful ?!

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Czech popular belief suggests that the streets of Prague were once guarded by a mythical golum, which was brought to life by a rabbi in the 16th century to protect the city's Jewish ghettos.

Houska Castle is said to have been built on a gate to Hell and the demons have fled their eternal damnation to wander around the city in the evening. But also watch out for the headless Knight Templar who rides through the streets on his horse.

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Venice is one of our favorite travel destinations for its romantic canals, picturesque views and unique cafes. However, this does not apply to its creepy haunted houses.

If you have the courage to do so, then get on the water taxi in the direction of Palazzo Dario, which is less nicely referred to as "The house that kills". A number of the former owners died mysteriously. You might be able to tour the palace and get out alive, but I wouldn't necessarily take out a mortgage to buy the palace.

Cain degli spiriti sounds kind of gruesome and for good reason. The Casino of the Spirits was once a meeting place for gamblers and allegedly also the scene of religious demonic rituals. It is now haunted by the famous 16th century painter Luzzo, who committed suicide there.

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We hope this list of the scariest places in Europe didn't completely scare you off. You don't believe in the whole haunted place? Then book a flight with Ryanair and see for yourself what to expect there.

- Seán Walsh