Is it safe to visit Egypt

Vacation in Egypt? Yes or no?

You have probably already asked yourself whether a trip to Egypt is recommendable despite the current security situation. That's why we want to help you make your own personal decision.

A vacation in Egypt, is it Safe? The current situation in Egypt makes many vacationers doubt. To support you in your decision, we have summarized all the important information about the current situation in Egypt and holiday regions with higher security regulations.

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  1. Current political situation in Egypt
    1. What does the Federal Foreign Office say
  2. Which regions are suitable for the vacation?
  3. Our conclusion

Current political situation in Egypt:

After attacks on Coptic churches in Alexandria and Tanta near Cairo in Year 2017 shouted the President Abd al-Fattah Al-Sisi den state of emergency out. This state of emergency still applies today - but only in order to Tourists and Visitor from abroad better protect to be able to.

It just means that the Powers of army and Police expanded were - hence you will be a increased security requirement notice in the popular tourist regions, whether at the airport, on the streets or at the entrance to the hotel complex, but this is all for your best. Through this increased security controls the risk of targeted attacks and terrorist attacks has demonstrably decreased.

What does the Federal Foreign Office say

In addition to a partial travel warning, the Federal Foreign Office draws attention to a nationwide increased risk of terrorist attacks and the risk of kidnappings. We do not recommend traveling to the north of the Sinai Peninsula in particular. The Tourist regions however, are of these Not warnings directlyaffected.

Which regions are suitable for your vacation?

Now, however, it is important to find out in which regions you are one carefree vacation spend and that Everyday stress can escape.

“We ourselves have been to Egypt several times in the last two years and have always felt very comfortable. There is really no tense atmosphere here. Both in Hurghada and Marsa Alam it was really beautiful! "

The tourist regions like Hurghada, Sharm el Sheikh and Marsa Alam at the Red Sea are definitely worth a trip - despite all the negative media reports and the increased safety regulations. Now there are critics who may not find any attraction in the land of Egypt - which in turn is absolutely incomprehensible to many others.

For us too outweigh the merits of the country clearly.
The country has so many facets: that fascinating world of the pharaohs With Pyramids and impressive temples, oriental and colorful markets and wonderful beaches and not to be neglected is of course that Underwater world.

“There is hardly a country with such a great diversity of living things and corals. Never before have we been able to admire so many colorful fish and corals while snorkeling - even dolphins dare to do so
often very close to snorkelers and divers. "

For everyone who stricter safety regulations In the tourist regions, some regions in Egypt offer an even higher level of security. For example El Gouna or Port Ghalib are artificially created areas, in which both many Hotels, as well as Shopping and Leisure opportunities, restaurants and Bars were built. These Areas are completely fenced and guarded. Only the employees of the hotels and shops and of course guests with a valid reservation in one of the hotels have access. So here you can really go feel absolutely safe.

We often hear the saying: ‘You cannot leave the hotel in Egypt’.

Our answer to that: But! You should definitely leave the hotel complex there! Especially in El Gouna and Port Ghalib, the ports with their many Entertainment and Shopping opportunities to visit near the hotels.

Your hotel is in Hurghada or near Hurghada? Then there is one too tip from us: That ‘Hurghada Marina Boulevard’ is definitely worth a visit. Since it was completed in 2008, people have been romping along the new one Marina's numerous shops, bars, restaurants, street performers and even Live bands.

An absolutely incomparable flair of 1001 nights, who to one unforgettable vacation memory becomes. One too Stroll in the Old town with the traditional, oriental cafes, the Souks and in modern district of Sekalla with his many restaurants, bars and Night clubs should not be missing on any Egypt vacation.

Do you fancy Egypt? Our travel report informs you about the different hotels and resorts in Egypt! Here is something for everyone!

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Would you now ask us whether we would go to Egypt - despite the sometimes tense security situation - definitely yes. In the tourist regions you don't feel any tension or negative influence in any way. The hospitality and the Diversity of the country inspire us again and again.

We recommend you, yourselves entirely on yours Gut feeling to leave.
As soon as you are not convinced when considering traveling to Egypt and are in doubt whether this is really the right decision, these are of course not good prerequisites for one dream holiday 🙂

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