What is a dish


A court in Aachen in North Rhine-Westphalia. The judges sit at the back of the wall when the court is at a hearing. You are not allowed to take photos during a court hearing in Germany.

A court is a place where you decide what is allowed and what is not. Justice is done in court, and that's usually what judges do. Anyone who accuses or is charged with someone can be helped by a lawyer.

Nowadays a court is usually part of the state. The judges are civil servants and must strictly obey the law. So you can't just punish someone for not liking them. You can only be punished for breaking a law or a contract.

Because people can argue about so many things, there are also different dishes. A labor court, for example, decides whether someone was rightly dismissed. In the tax court it can be a question of whether someone has paid too much or too little tax.

Some countries have a constitutional court. It decides on cases that have to do with the constitution. For example, if the government does something it is not allowed to do, it can be charged.

Not all courts belong to the state. Some clubs have an arbitration board. Such courts also exist in business. It's faster and not as expensive as going to the “normal” meal.

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