How can retired people avoid boredom?

Retired Life: Tips and Ideas

With retirement, a completely new phase of life is imminent - on the one hand that is beautiful and exciting, but on the other hand it can also be a great challenge and change. Letting go of working life, shifting down a gear and redesigning everyday life - for many people this is not so easy. We provide tips and ideas to make the transition to retirement a success and a real pleasure.

Prepared for retirement: checklist

In the stressful everyday life there is often no time to think about the future - this is exactly what is very important. If you make a plan for retirement early on, you can save yourself the plunge into the deep end and a lot of worries later. So ask yourself the following questions in good time:

1. When can I retire?

The regular retirement age in Germany has been increased from 65 to 67 for all cohorts from 1964 onwards. Those born before that can still retire at 65.

2. Do I want to retire earlier?

It is possible to retire before the start of the regular retirement age - but this is always associated with discounts. Every year in which an employee draws the pension earlier, this is reduced by 3.6 percent.

3. Is partial retirement an option?

If you don't want to go from 100 to 0 from your job to retire, you can consider part-time working for older people. This is possible from the age of 55 and ends when the statutory old-age pension is entered. Working hours and salaries are reduced by 50 percent - at the same time you can get used to the new everyday life with more free time.

4. How much will my pension be?

The amount of the pension is based on the times in which employees have paid into the statutory pension insurance - the pension notices inform the insured regularly about the expected amount. In most cases, however, the pension is unfortunately not enough to live on - neither for everyday things nor for larger wishes. It therefore makes sense to think about how the amounts can be topped up in good time. A good option is the partial sale of real estate, which we will discuss in more detail later.

5. Have I prepared all the documents?

It is best to note in the calendar when you need to submit the application for a retirement pension - because the pension will not be paid out automatically. It is best to submit the data three months before, but no later than three months after the desired start of retirement to the German pension insurance. This is the only way to ensure that you will receive payments on time.

Activities for retirement

Once all the points on the checklist have been completed, you can devote yourself to the beautiful part and pursue the following question: How do I want to use the newly gained time? Anyone who worked a lot before retirement may not feel like doing their leisure time with a lot of activities, but just want to start the day. That is absolutely okay - but in the long run it can lead to a so-called bore-out. When boredom dominates the day, the meaning in life is missing and you suddenly feel useless, an emotional low threatens. To avoid this, you should continue to challenge and encourage yourself in retirement, find a healthy balance between rest and activity and do things that bring you joy. Our tips for retirement:

1. Voluntary work: The feeling of being needed, of contributing something meaningful and of helping others cannot be paid for with any money in the world. Many retirees therefore choose to do voluntary work in retirement for which they previously had no time. This could be dog walks with dogs from the animal shelter, the distribution of warm meals to the homeless or football training for socially disadvantaged children. Contact the social associations in your area if you need inspiration.

2. Further training: Have you always been fascinated by physics? Then do a degree now and continue your education - that is not only fun, but also ensures mental fitness. Also great: learning another language and putting your newly acquired knowledge to the test on a trip. The nice thing: you never stop learning - and there is so much to discover!

3. Sport: Whether jogging, light weight training, tennis or golf: staying in motion is the be-all and end-all for a healthy life! Not only that exercise releases happiness hormones. The maintenance of our muscles and the renewal of cells - both of which can be promoted by moderate training and a healthy diet - are particularly important in old age in order to be protected as well as possible from falls and injuries. Why not join a running group or meet friends playing golf: Community activities are particularly fun and do your soul good.

4. Cooking: Do you like to cook or bake and do you love to receive guests? Then organize private dinner evenings with friends or like-minded people, take cooking classes and invest in the dream kitchen that you have always wanted. Perhaps you are already a real professional and want to make it easier for others to get started? Then you could offer courses yourself or volunteer to cook with children.

4. Family and friends: Have you worked a lot and had to cut back on your private life? You can do that in retirement! Whether with family or friends: meet for a hearty breakfast, go on trips or weekend trips, go for a walk together or look for a common hobby.

By the way: You will find even more ideas for wishes that can be fulfilled at retirement age in this article.

Funding wishes in retirement

It is important to have goals and to imagine what dreams you can finally fulfill in retirement. The basic requirement for this is of course sufficient capital - because unfortunately nothing is free in life. The problem: the average old-age pension is not enough for many people to refresh themselves - let alone to finance their lifelong dreams. According to, the “statutory pension in Germany is currently 982 euros a month”. In addition, women get around 425 euros less on average. Statista published similar values: According to their data, men in (West) Germany received an average of 1040 euros and women just 580 euros gross. This makes it clear how important early planning is.

Owners of real estate have a clear advantage - because with the partial sale of real estate via Engel & Völkers LiquidHome, new capital can be released from your own four walls without having to leave them. Owners sell a maximum of 50 percent of their property and can use the sales proceeds to allow themselves more luxury in everyday life, finance major renovations to the house or fulfill long-cherished wishes. The big difference to the full sale: The agreed right of usufruct allows the owners to live in the property for life, to use and design it as usual, to rent it out if necessary, to increase the sold shares or to sell the property completely at some point and benefit from an increase in value. Find out more about the concept of partial real estate sales - we would be happy to advise you individually.