Are women too cute

"I'm not cute!" 10 styling problems ALL little women know about

1. "I'm not cute!"

You stand in front of the mirror for ages, put on a sexy dress, conjure up wicked smokey eyes and, last but not least, slip into hot high heels - and then what do you get to hear ...? "Oooh, you look cute!" NO! I'm not cute! I'm fucking sexy! When do you finally understand that ?! Shit, why does that sound cute now?

2. The dream of the maxi dress

How often have you thrown envious looks at your "big" friends when they put on their new maxi dress or swinging maxi skirt? Unfortunately, when we little women try on such a piece of clothing, it looks like THAT.

3. "Maybe you will try the children's section?"

If you are small and also dainty built, the children's section is really an option. But for those who are small and curvy, this question borders on an insult.

4. Increased risk of falling over due to skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are great for us little women because they are so easy to turn over. But they have one catch: pulling them over their feet is not that easy for women with short legs. Because when trying to pull up the trousers that are much too long, the feet usually get stuck halfway. The result: you step on your trouser leg and lose your balance and in the worst case fall over.

5. Depends on you

Do you know that? In front of the mirror and when dry, the bikini bottoms still fit perfectly, but in the water it feels like you're losing them at any moment? And then you get out of the water and the wet fabric hangs like you've pimped your pants. Grrrrr!

6. Oversize? Uh, stop it

It's similar with the oversize trend. In XXL clothing we simply sink mercilessly ...

7. The endless carriers

Do you know the moment when you put on a dress in the cabin and the straps are just sooo long that the neckline sits UNDER the bosom? Ugly ...

8. Carding is our middle name

Without exception, the jeans in our wardrobes look like this:

9. Long live the capri pants!

Actually, we women have to turn down almost ANY pants. But we can slip into a pair of pants and they are not too long: cheers for the capri pants! Because while others go down to the calf, it is the perfect length for us.

10. And then there is the problem with the bathroom mirrors ...

Is really a great perspective from down here ... not!

Why it's still really good to be small

Sure, the things mentioned above can be quite annoying. But actually, being small also has many advantages.

Let's take the matter of looking cute: While you used to be annoyed about ALWAYS being asked for your ID, today you are happy about it. Who doesn't dream of looking young forever?

In addition, with our girlish nature, we can easily wrap men around our fingers. Because our petite stature immediately awakens the protective instinct in HIM. And we little women never look clumsy in our outfits, but always delicate and elf-like. Here you can find out what little women should consider when styling!

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