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Some parents would like their children to read more. So it's a blessing that little reading grudges often feel appealed to by comic novels. Or is it not?

It trains spelling and language comprehension, stimulates the imagination, promotes the acquisition of knowledge and the ability to think - reading. In addition, researchers have found that reading at least 30 minutes a week makes you satisfied. But is that all given when children and young people only read speech bubbles and otherwise only look at the large pictures on the book pages?

Even those who don't read are turning to comic novels

Some think that the so-called graphic novels, i.e. comics in book form, are not real novels. And anyway, consuming cartoons couldn't be called reading - after all, only a few speech balloons and colorful onomatopoeia would be read. But most educators are in favor of this development in the field of literature, i.e. the trend towards the new genre of the comic novel. Not least because many children and young people - even those who don't really like to read - feel addressed by the graphic novels. And so the market is booming, especially in the field of children's and youth literature. Are pioneers of graphic novels for children and young people Greg's diaries by US author Jeff Kinney - now sold millions of times. Not only are new stories packaged in the popular book format, but old children's book classics are also processed into comic novels. The graphic novel was originally developed for adults.

With fun to learning success - that's how it's done

Book is book

In whatever form, children learn from and through stories. Studying a cartoon or graphic novel, just like reading a classic novel, requires concentration. The stories want to be opened up, the world explored. The genre of the comic novel is thus an enrichment. In times of the Internet, in which the quick capture of image and text combinations is part of everyday life, the comic novels and cartoons are integrated into this viewing habit of children and young people. And at the same time they ensure that more children and young people pick up books.

Read more with graphic novels

Here are a few tips on how parents can get their child excited about reading with the help of graphic novels.

  1. Let yourself choose. A trip to the library or bookstore can work wonders. Parents should offer their children book offers here, but let them choose for themselves.
  2. Motivate series. The nice thing about comic novels is that they are often multi-part, e.g. B. Greg's diaries. Once the child has discovered a series of books for themselves, they will continue to read voluntarily.
  3. Promote reading rituals. In order for children to read regularly, it should be integrated into everyday life with the help of reading rituals. So parents and children z. B. Read together before going to bed - either read aloud or everyone reads for himself.

Do you have any other tips on how to use comic novels to introduce children to reading? Then write us a comment.

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