How do I improve my chess game

How to get better at chess

No matter how well you play chess, you can always improve. And with the right habits and attitudes, it can be both easy and fun to improve. To get better, you need to know the rules, play lots of games, study your games, solve puzzles, learn the endgame, not waste time opening openings and always think twice about each of your moves.

1. Learn the rules.
If you are not already a very good chess player who knows the rules inside out, then you should take another look at the rules, especially the special moves that exist, here.

2. Play a lot of games.

Without constant repetition, there is nowhere you can get better, not even at chess. You can't get better at anything without a lot of repetition, and chess is no different. Take every opportunity to play chess, whether you are out and about, sitting at your computer or hanging out with friends.

3. Study your games and learn from your mistakes.

Playing without analyzing your mistakes is pretty useless. There are so many mistakes in every game and so many missed opportunities in every game. To improve, you have to learn from both. Automatic computer analysis will help you to better understand every game you have played.

4. Solve many tactic puzzles.
Chess puzzles are small tactical tasks that should be solved. Most come from real games in which a player had a chance to win. It's almost like playing chess, but you jump straight to the best part, which is the part where you win. Just try to solve these free puzzles.

5. Learn endgames.

Surprisingly, most chess games end only after many, many moves and after most of the pieces have been captured. Then there are only the kings and a few pieces or pawns on the board. This is then called the "endgame". Most of the time, the goal in the endgame is to convert one of your pawns to a queen. Being really good in the endgame will help you win a lot of games. You can practice some of the most common endgame positions here.

6. Don't waste time memorizing openings.

Many players make the mistake of spending endless hours memorizing opening variations. The problem with this is that you can only memorize a limited number of openings and the chance that you will get exactly this opening on the board is relatively small. It is better to remember the principles of a good opening instead of memorizing certain variants.

7. Think twice about each move.

If you want to play better chess it is very important to avoid bad moves. Most games are lost due to gross mistakes. Before each move, make sure that your king is still safe after your move and that all your pieces are still covered.

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