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10 easy Indian recipes to take at home

You can use it to cook your favorite order yourself

Indian cuisine is popular all over the world. And whether you're looking for delicious food at home on Friday nights or even abroad, you'll likely find your favorite Indian food on the menu everywhere.

Whether masala dosa, butter chicken or palak paneer - why not make it easier for yourself and just cook your Indian dish yourself? Our step-by-step instructions are ideal for after-work meals that taste like the originals - and our community recipes also tell you the best family recipes.

Before you start: Stock up on a supply of spices

The many different spices on the ingredient list can be intimidating at times. Don't let yourself be unsettled, rather think about all the flavor variations that you can create with it. Our tip: Instead of having to buy new spices for every recipe, it's best to start with a basic set of the most important spices: a universal curry powder, cumin, coriander seeds (whole or ground), turmeric, garam masala, chili powder and cinnamon.

Other spices that deserve a place on your spice rack are cardamom pods, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, black cumin seeds, and fennel seeds.

Super easy and better than in a restaurant: Our Indian recipes

As the national dish in Great Britain, Chicken Tikka Masala is a classic on the menus of Indian restaurants. Where the dish comes from is hotly debated - some claim it was invented in India, others say it came from a Pakistani restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland. Wherever the origins lie, people all over the world love this creamy, yogurt-rich dish.

As with almost all flatbreads, the dough does not have to rise. That's why naan can be easily prepared as a side dish or as a fun group task.

Do you have the basic recipe for naan? Then it's time for a filled version with cheese, spices or minced lamb.

Dosas are thin, crispy pancakes made from lentil and rice flour, which are mainly eaten in southern India and Sri Lanka. Either filled with spicy potatoes or panir, but also pure with various chutneys. Try this simplified version of the classic.

The creamy Indian cheese panir (English: paneer) tastes delicious as a vegetarian ingredient in curries and was a highlight in my years as a vegetarian teenager. I am particularly into Palak Paneer (similar to Saag Paneer) - a combination of panir and the earthy taste of spinach.

Fried vegetable pakoras

Time for a snack! This Indian pakora recipe with fried vegetables is from Fatima Sameena Sharif from the Kitchen Stories Community. The vegetables are coated with a batter that is seasoned with black cumin, garam masala, cumin and chili powder. Fatima recommends green chutney or hot sauce as a side dish. But the pakoras probably won't get very far after deep-frying - if you get what we mean.

Cauliflower curry with a mixture of five spices

This spicy, vegetarian cauliflower dish from the Kitchen Stories Community comes from Swarnavadlamani. The five-spice mix "Panch Phoron" made from cumin, mustard, black cumin, fenugreek and fennel seeds is often used in the kitchens of Bangladesh, East India and southern Nepal. A good recipe for after work - just add basmati rice and you're done!

Butter chicken in mildly spicy tomato sauce

It was first served in a Delhi restaurant, likely in the 1950s. Even so, butter chicken is one of the top dishes in Indian restaurants. The name probably goes back to the very creamy and spicy sauce, because it does not actually contain butter. Are you looking for a very special dinner? Here comes our variation of the classic:

Another community recipe from Fatima Sameena Sharif. This time: Chicken skewers à la Malai Boti from Pakistan. The yogurt marinade with lemon and spices makes the chicken nice and tender and gives it its great taste.

Is it a dessert, a starter, or a drink with your meal? For me he is all of that! I would never dare not order a lassi. That's why I'm bursting at the seams with all the curry, rice, Peshwari Naan, Bhaji, Jalebi and this lassi when I leave an Indian restaurant.

Best of all, you can make an equally tasty, filling lassi at home. Simply replace the mango with rose blossom syrup and refine it with a pinch of cardamom - my absolute favorite among yogurt drinks!

Published on February 3, 2019