What are some good drain cleaning services

Clogged pipe? - Our team is always at your disposal

If the pipe is blocked, a plunger can help. In the case of stubborn pipe blockages, it is better to call a specialist.

In the household it happens again and again that a Clogged pipe. Most drains get clogged in the kitchen or bathroom. This is where they accumulate over time Soap scraps and hair in the pipelines. Fortunately, some of the pipe blockages can be cleared without a professional. But in the case of larger problems, a specialist must definitely be called in. In an emergency, our pipe cleaning emergency service is also there on weekends! We give some pointers on how to do simple Constipation on your own too can solve. That is our understanding of service - this is what your pipe cleaning Berlin stands for.

Pipe clogged and the drain stinks - what can be done about it?

Overflowing sinks, sinks, showers or bathtubs make the drain stink and can cause major damage to the household. By long hair, sand, Leftover food, Coffee grounds or too much Toilet paper is that very quickly Clogged drain. If the water is up to the overflow and drains slowly or not at all, good advice is required.

Clogged drain - which home remedies can be used to clear the blockage?

Smaller blockages can often be removed without an expert. With our expert tips, a drain that smells or minor blockages can also be removed with simple Home remedies remove.

Option 1: clean the pre-sieve

Cleaning the pre-sieve is considered to be the least of the drainage problems. Sometimes hairs get caught there, preventing the water from draining off. The hair can be easily removed with kitchen paper and disposed of in the residual waste. The sieve is then cleaned thoroughly with a dish brush. As a control, you let some water run in to check whether the drain is free again.

Option 2: The drainage spiral / spindle

If a pipe is clogged, a drainage spiral or spindle from the hardware store will often help. This aid is a perfect tool, especially for processes that are deeper in the wall. To do this, the spiral is carefully inserted into the blocked pipe. Even deeper spots can be reached by circular movements of the crank. Refilling with hot water also helps clean the drain.

Option 3: suction bell (plunger or plunger)

The suction cup is particularly effective for Loosen a blockage in the toilet or sink. Before you start, you should first pour a glass of warm water and some washing-up liquid down the drain. This helps to soften already solid deposits.

The Suction bell must then be set in such a way that the covers the entire drain. Before pumping, the drain must now be filled with water so that the buttock is covered. In addition, any overflow must be sealed with a damp washcloth.

The up and down movements of the suction bell create a negative pressure so that the Drain gurgles and becomes free again. If it doesn't work the first time, the process can be repeated two, three or more times. If the water then runs off well, it should be rinsed with sufficiently hot water.

Read here what to look out for if the toilet is clogged!

Option 4: baking soda and vinegar and the drain gurgles again

Another one Home remedies To loosen a clogged pipe, is the use of a mixture of Baking soda and vinegar. Five spoons of baking soda followed by a cup of vinegar can often clear a clogged drain. Caution is called for here, because the combination of baking powder and vinegar make the drain gurgling properly. In the reaction of both means one should be sufficient keep distance and the Protect eyes. After an exposure time of about ten minutes, you can then rinse with hot water.

Option 5: Clogged pipe - Dismantle the siphon

If a pipe is blocked, that often helps Disassembling the siphon. You should have a pipe wrench, a rag, a bottle brush and a bucket ready.

The rag should be used especially on chrome lines to avoid scratches. You open the connection with a pipe wrench and let the remaining water run into the bucket.

A round bottle brush can be used to remove deposits such as lime inside. On this occasion, the seals should also be replaced at the same time. If the siphon is too old, it is best to replace it with a new one.

What better not to try to clean the drain?

Have you ever heard of that Coffee grounds should clear the drain? Sounds weird, it's not true either. The coffee grounds harden over time and also clog the pipe.

be careful is the same when using chemical pipe cleaners. Repeated use of these chemical clubs can damage the lines and lead to water damage. It is better to use natural home remedies, as described under option 3.

How can you prevent pipe clogging?

Preventing pipe clogging: Here's what you can do to protect yourself from clogging - Photo © metamorworks - Fotolia.com

If the drain stinks or gurgles, a pipe is usually blocked. This can often be avoided by acting carefully from the start. We would like to give some recommendations here to prevent constipation.

  • Let hot or boiling water flow through the drain for about two minutes a week
  • The use of a sieve helps to catch leftover food.
  • A sieve should also be used in the shower as well as in the bathtub (long hair)
  • Remove hair in the drain as early as possible, otherwise the siphon can clog
  • Do not pour any leftover food or oils into the drain.
  • Do not empty hot fats down the drain. Hot fat hardens when it cools down.

We also have the option with our TV investigation check the condition of your pipelines. The smallest cracks and leaks can be tracked down to the public sewer network. Timely maintenance helps preventive and is cheaper than any pipe that is clogged.

Clogged drain? We'll help

If our previously mentioned tips don't help and the drain gurgles, we as a service company for pipe cleaning in Berlin with many years of experience can help. We also solve severe pipe blockages in the sink, in the wash basin, in the shower and bathtub as well as in the toilet. No matter which pipe is blocked, we solve all drainage problems!

The cost of cleaning, of course, depends on the degree of constipation. For one slight constipation you can expect costs of around € 49.90 plus € travel costs. For moderate to severe constipation additional costs may apply. Find out more about our prices for pipe cleaning in the price table!

Does the landlord pay if the drain is blocked?

Generally speaking, they belong Drain pipes to the rental property. This means that the landlord must leave the installations to the tenant in a functional condition. The tenant undertakes to keep them in the same condition during the rental period. In the event of a pipe blockage, the tenant should inform the landlord immediately. In the event of structural defects, the Landlord the cost of cleaning. However, does the Tenant if the blockage is caused by improper use, the latter has to pay for the service.