Melania is as unhappy as she looks

Melania Trump

Donald Trump shows up with his family

Separation rumors keep making the rounds, but Melania and Donald Trump make a happy couple in public. At Easter, the whole family staged themselves with pictures on Instagram. Former US President Donald Trump has a ... more

Donald Trump: What happened to the ex-president's affairs?

Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal are said to have received hush money after their affairs with Donald Trump in order not to bring the ex-president into trouble. What became of these women? "If I have something to say, I'll say it." Karen McDougal posted this ... more

Donald Trump: Ex-US President was vaccinated against Corona

There are no plans to vaccinate the then US president, the White House said in January. US media are now reporting: Donald Trump and his wife were immunized against the virus. Former US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania ... more

With Putin, Melania Trump's facial features slipped

Melania Trump's appearances as First Lady of the USA always seemed controlled, only rarely did she appear to show feelings and thoughts openly. However, a few moments caused a stir. For four years she stood by Donald Trump's side ... more

The Real Face of Melania Trump: Rumors of Her Marriage

At the side of the US President, Melania Trump often appeared unhappy and tormented to many observers. But the impression of their rare public appearances could be deceptive. A video explains how it should really tick. Finally, a small scene fired again ... more

The real face of Melania Trump

Marriage rumors about the Trumps: In the video it becomes clear that Melania is apparently not who she is believed to be based on her public appearances. (Source: Bit Projects) more

"Simpsons" comparison: Kamala Harris' clothes cause laughter

What is the first woman US Vice President wearing? This question also preoccupied many people at the inauguration. Lo and behold: Kamala Harris used her grand entrance to make a fashion statement. The inauguration of the new US President Joe Biden ... more

USA: Melania Trump sends last message as first lady

The departing first lady has addressed the population with a farewell message. In it she calls on the Americans to unite. However, Melania Trump does not address an obviously important topic in her video. First Lady Melania Trump ... more

Donald Trump: Those of his family who still stick to him now

Donald Trump continues to refuse to admit defeat to Joe Biden. Trump's closest circle tries to influence him - with very different pieces of advice. After Joe Biden's victory speech, the man in the White House initially remained silent ... more

US President Trump has Corona: "I feel great"

The US president infected with the corona virus is apparently on the mend. His personal doctor announced that Donald Trump had been symptom-free for a day. All information in the news blog. US President Donald Trump was diagnosed with a coronavirus infection ... more