Why don't hotel rooms have 3 beds

Those who like to discover the world or who travel a lot for work always need new accommodation for the night. This has to be carefully selected, after all, you want to enjoy all the comforts of your own home and start the new day relaxed. In addition to the star rating, the room category also provides information about the size and equipment of the rooms. Our Boutique Hotel Atrium Munich shows you what is behind the room category designations and how they differ from each other so that you can book the right room for your hotel in Munich.

Room category single room

The single room is intended for single travelers, i.e. only one person. It usually has a single bed and a private bathroom.

Our business single room category is fully air-conditioned and offers extra large beds with down bedding, modern bathrooms with a walk-in shower, a comfortable designer armchair, a spacious work table with a laptop safe, a 32-inch wall TV and a mini fridge with coffee and tea station.

The double room (DR)

A double room is a room with space for two people and usually one, double bed. A separate toilet or bathroom is also available here.

Unfortunately, many hotels report rooms as double rooms, even though there are two separate beds. This can be annoying, especially for couples. Here it is important to read the room description more closely and, if in doubt, ask the provider. At the Boutique Hotel Atrium in Munich, with the double room you actually get a room with a large double bed. You can choose between the comfort double and deluxe double room categories. Both rooms impress with their upscale furnishings and a comfortable king-size bed. The only difference is that the deluxe double room can accommodate 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children. The comfort double, on the other hand, is designed for couples. The deluxe rooms do not only serve as double rooms, but can also be used as family rooms.

Twin bedroom

Often a twin room is confused with my double room. The difference is that in the twin room, also known as twin, there is no double bed, but two separate beds. This can be annoying for couples who have been looking forward to a large, comfortable double bed. Those who actually insist on two single beds, such as friends or business partners, should book a twin room.

Multi-bed room

Families often book shared rooms instead of a special family room. However, there are only single beds in shared rooms, and sometimes even bunk beds. This is not suitable for every family as it is a single room so there is no separate bedroom. The double bed in which both parents sleep together is also missing. Before booking, make sure that your selected room category is a family room and not a shared room.

Superior room

A superior room is somewhat more spacious than a classic double room and can have more sophisticated or extra features, such as an additional seating area or a balcony or terrace.

Apartment (AP)

An apartment is an accommodation in which the bedrooms and living rooms and their own kitchenette are separated from each other.

Studio (ST)

A studio is a room with an additional kitchenette. In contrast to the apartment, there is no separate living room and bedroom.

Family room (FZ)

The family room is specially designed for travelers with children. The mostly spacious rooms offer space for at least three people, including at least two adults. There are often family rooms with separate bedrooms. But the room categories "Apartment" and "Suite" can sometimes be used as family rooms.


A penthouse is an apartment that is on the top floor of a multi-story house. The accommodation resembles an apartment and usually has one or more living rooms and bedrooms as well as a private bathroom. However, the furnishings are much more upscale than in other room categories.

Suite (SU)

It is a luxuriously furnished, very spacious apartment within a hotel. It therefore has more than just one room, it is usually divided into a living area and bedroom. Our Boutique Hotel Atrium in Munich offers a luxurious penthouse suite with a balcony facing the green inner courtyard.

Room categories - conclusion

Room categories provide information about the size and furnishings of a hotel room. This can vary from hotel to hotel. In addition, a suite in a budget hotel will be less luxurious than a double room in a higher-priced property.

Book your desired room category in our Boutique Hotel Atrium Munich if you are planning a city trip or a business trip to Bavaria's beautiful capital. We look forward to welcoming you to our home!

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