Can you call 911 about domestic violence

Domestic violence

What is Domestic Violence?

Violence by current or former spouses or life partners is called domestic violence. Often it is not a one-off event but occurs repeatedly in a relationship or ex-partnership and increases over time. Women from all social classes, with different incomes and levels of education or origins can be affected. A quarter of women living in Germany state that they have been the victim of domestic violence at least once in their life.

The specific crime scene does not always have to be your own apartment. Domestic violence is also called domestic violence if a partner threatens his (ex) wife on the street, or if he becomes violent towards her in another apartment or accommodation.

Domestic violence does not include violence against children. However, children are often directly or indirectly affected by domestic violence against the mother, which is why domestic violence is officially considered a possible child welfare risk. Children should therefore receive independent support.

Examples of domestic violence:

Examples of acts of domestic violence can include:

  • Insults, humiliations and humiliations of women
  • Threats such as harming children or pets
  • Social isolation, e.g. preventing contact with family or friends
  • Hit, kick, choke the woman
  • Injury to burns, chemical burns, bruises, etc.
  • Throwing objects
  • Forcing sexual acts
  • Constant control, e.g. check cell phone, finances
  • Etc. etc.

What can you do?

If you are in acute danger, call the police emergency number (110). Include your name and address, and emphasize that you need help immediately. Tell the police whether you are injured, whether there are children or other people in the apartment, whether the perpetrator is still present, whether he has weapons. Until the police arrive, take yourself and, if necessary, your children to safety, for example with neighbors, in shops or in your own home.

You can seek protection around the clock, even with your children, in a women's refuge, for example in Kiel or in the Plön district. The telephone number of the women's shelter in Kiel is 0431-681825, the telephone number of the women's shelter in the Plön district is 04342-82616.

Professional advice centers can provide support and guidance. In Kiel you can contact the women's shelter advice center (“Die Lerche”: 0431-675478), in the Plön district you can contact our advice center (04342-309939). Both institutions are recognized counseling centers for domestic violence in accordance with Section 201a of the LvwG (eviction from home and ban on return and entry). We would be happy to provide you with information about your legal options and can arrange specialist lawyers.

In the case of domestic violence, as with all other criminal offenses, criminal charges can be filed so that an investigation can be initiated against the perpetrator. In the event of acute violence within the domestic community, the police can, as soon as they are called, temporarily expel the perpetrator from the apartment and forbid him to enter it again within the next few days. In order to obtain further long-term protection for those affected, an application can be made in accordance with the Violence Protection Act.

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