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Author:Gabriel Palacios

Hypnotize me - when thoughts create your life



(ISBN-10: 3952415103)
Status:slight signs of wear
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Cameo Publishing House

Weight:412 g
Publisher's text:Due to a stroke of fate in the family, he and his family had to realize what power thoughts and suggestions can have over us. On his long career from mentalism to hypnotherapy, Gabriel Palacios acquired a broad and deep knowledge in the mental field. The most famous Swiss hypnotist and thought expert Gabriel Palacios has already been able to help many people to get away from addictions, fears and other hurdles through hypnotherapy. As a hypnotherapist and thought expert, he has now made it to the top of the career ladder at a young age and shares his knowledge. In this book, Gabriel Palacios conveys knowledge about how we can recognize suggestions more quickly in everyday life and protect ourselves from them. Exciting stories from clients from his practice who, thanks to his therapeutic treatment with hypnosis, were able to permanently resolve fears, addictions and other coping with life problems within just a few sessions, accompany the transfer of knowledge. The book also contains instructions on how we can support ourselves mentally with self-hypnosis , as well as tips and instructions for improving our hypnotizing way of communicating in everyday life. Gabriel Palacios teaches us how we can use hypnotic suggestion techniques to establish an interpersonal relationship of trust within a very short time, both at work and in private everyday life.
Keywords:Hypnotherapy, communication, self-help, hypnotize me, thoughts, hypnosis, mind reading, Gr
signed by the author:yes - more signed titles by Gabriel Palacios
Order-No .:BN2566

Books: Meditation / Esotericism: Hypnosis

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