Women wear stockingless tights

Women and the sheer tights

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Not every woman likes to put on sheer tights

Unfortunately, there are many women who see their tights only as a necessary evil. It is only an addition to your wardrobe in the unlikely event that you wear a skirt or dress. But at least then a pair of sheer tights is used at least once. If possible, fine tights or hold-ups are avoided.

Still other women generally do not wear skirts and therefore also no sheer tights, although they do not actually need to hide their legs. They generally only wear pants. Just why?

And finally, there are also women who don't want to go without a skirt even in winter, but still don't wear tights. I was able to see these women enough during my studies in Paderborn - they were English women whose husbands were stationed there. If I can believe individual posts in forums, then this kind of women still exist today and not only in England.

Where does it come from?

The industry is showing the way. It is easy to notice in (fashion or furniture) brochures or catalogs that 90% of women do not wear fine stockings, they are barefoot. And advertising for tights can only be seen once a year. This means that even in winter we are presented with bare feet, even if it is unbelievable.

Only with festive clothes or when it comes to winter clothes, black stockings can be seen with black skirts, dresses and trousers. But that also shows that fine stockings are apparently something special and therefore not very suitable for everyday use.

Finally, the celebrities come and show how it is done. Very seldom that one of them wears fine tights. And because everything has to be aped, many women think that they too have to ban their tights to do the same as the celebrities. What remains, however, is usually a pitiful, freezing something that no man pays attention to, because next door there is a great woman with fantastically beautiful, stockinged legs.

Fortunately, there are also women (including celebrities) who love to wear delicate tights and enjoy their comfort. From time to time you can watch them (on TV or in films) how they stroke their legs / knees when they are sitting. Of course, I cannot judge whether this happens accidentally or deliberately.

Women have a different sensation of warmth

Furthermore, it can also be stated that women have a completely different sensation of warmth than men. When I walk around in thicker socks, my wife is still barefoot. A visitor wrote in the same way: '... I start to sneeze when I only see my wife without stockings in cool weather ...'. In fact, it looks like many women have no time for the 'temperature transition'. Either it is warm enough to walk without tights, or it is so cold that only long pants will help.

You can often see that women (in summer) put on a jacket with long sleeves in the morning (because they are freezing), but at the same time have bare legs (with a skirt). I would like to understand this logic. Fine tights or hold-ups would be just right here. The stockings would be warm, but can be easily taken off during the day if necessary - skirt up, pantyhose down - done. There is no easier way to be always well-groomed and dressed appropriately for the temperature.

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Women (supposedly) freeze more easily

This, in my opinion, rather stupid statement can often be read in various reports from medical professionals, etc. They claim that women have thinner skin and a less favorable fat / muscle ratio. The muscles generate less heat and so it is easier to get cold feet, legs, etc.

Conversely, this means that women have more fat, which in turn has an isolating effect. Thus, their logic is obsolete. If one observes how women are dressed at corresponding temperatures, then they are usually dressed thinner or more airy. And so, for example, once in November I was able to see a woman at -4 ° C, who went barefoot and in a T-shirt to the garbage can when it was snowing. I call that hardened. We men are the purest wimps against it.

It is the same on solemn occasions. He in a long shirt, tie and suit, while she in a little black dress. Does she have heat or is he stupid?

Further reasons why there are so few legs in stockings

There could also be another reason - the figure.

Due to the general obsession with slimness, many women find their legs too fat. They find themselves unattractive and therefore want to hide their legs. However: what is wrong with size 40, 42 or 44? In any case, I find beautiful feminine, sexy shapes and curves much more attractive than supermodel dimensions. In addition, not every woman at the age of 40 has to look as if she were just 20. Take a look at women (actresses) like Veronika Ferres or Simone Thomalla. In terms of nature and appearance, they are (in principle) the dream women for me. Drought model dimensions have none of those. But no matter - here, of course, the opinions differ and it is also everyone's own business.

This may also be the reason why many women do not or only rarely wear fine tights and skirts. If it then "has to be", then they are constantly "tugging on" and nagging "how can you put something like that on voluntarily". Here there is simply a lack of habit or the right, suitable model.

Another reason could be that cheap tights are bought and they don't fit well, break quickly and possibly even scratch. With such parts, even the desire for fine tights would die. Fortunately, there are also really good sheer tights.

Envious of other women

Some scenes in October 2008 in Oberstdorf were interesting. A young, pretty woman was out and about with a miniskirt, boots and skin-colored, shiny pantyhose and was handing out samples. Fascinated by the sight, I tried to stay near her for a while. The looks of other women on the pretty legs were interesting. You could guess and see it turning up your nose. Was that pure envy, or what was the main reason for their derogatory looks?


Even if we men can't really understand it: not every woman likes to wear tights. This is a fact that hopefully will change again at some point.

I can only encourage every woman to confidently stand by their own appearance again and finally to show their legs again. Not everything that celebrities or the media thinks is really beautiful. It's nice how you like to see yourself and how you act. Beauty is relative and is only in the eye of the beholder. And if some women think they absolutely have to go through life without stockings, then they should take it easy. Don't let this unhealthy delusion affect you. You too have beautiful legs, you just have to show them and stand by them.

Finally, there are gorgeous tights that can beautify almost any leg! We men will know how to appreciate it with looks of admiration. Women, on the other hand, tend to envy ...



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  • Yes, I share your observation: For many women, tights are what holy water is to the devil. For whatever reason. In my youth it was very different. The girl was a woman when she could and was allowed to put on fine tights. Finally recognized as an adult. In every fashion catalog you could immediately see when women's fashion was on offer: the models wore fine stockings. I personally think it's a wonderful sight when women wear visible fine tights. From my own experience I know that pantyhose neither scratch nor pinch or whatever excuses are made up. It is a pity that today's women are not even aware of how silky smooth the leg looks when it is in fine stockings. And about the erotic effect of the silky feet that disappear into the pumps when they come out of the pants. Hair, eyes, make-up, lips and fingernails - that must always be optimally styled, hip gold is frowned upon, only the legs, they should really look better naked? I can't understand and my everyday encounters with women confirm me again and again. A woman's leg in fine stockings is just the width of an eye! - Knut

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