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Rolling through files and playing numbers: Hardly any other profession is afflicted with as many clichés as that of accountant, who works primarily in the finance and accounting of a company or in tax and auditing firms. In addition to pure cost accounting, extensive IT knowledge and the international interpretation of tax rules are now part of the accountant’s area of ​​responsibility and competence. They are increasingly developing into business partners for management. In order to keep up with all developments or to specialize, appropriate further and advanced training courses have to be taken again and again. Because accountants who carry out simple activities are at risk in the course of the increasingly digital recording of invoices. But how high is the salary as an accountant?

The level of salaries depends heavily on professional experience and specialization. For example, accounts payable and accounts receivable accountants with around 10 to 15 years of professional experience usually have an annual salary - depending on their training - of around 33.000 to 49,000 euros. Financial accountants who have been with the company for six to nine years earn up to 48,000 euros, those who have been with us for more than 15 years can top up with up to 60,000 euros calculate.

Significantly higher salaries can be achieved with a specialization in balance sheet accounting. There, the demand on the labor market is currently enormous, which also affects salaries. Accountants who have ten to 15 years of professional experience can earn a salary of up to 80,000 euros calculate per year. That is around a third more for this explicit specialization. An accountant can also increase his market value significantly through knowledge that goes beyond accounting according to HGB. The reason lies in the increasing internationalization of accounting - increasingly in the globally active middle class (demand for annual financial statements according to IFRS or US-GAAP).

What's your market value?

General statements on the individual salary remain difficult, because in addition to personal qualifications, experience and task / responsibility, the size, the industry and the region of the employer also play an important role. In order to take these parameters into account, we have developed a salary calculator with which you can create your own individual salary analysis free of charge. You will then immediately receive an email with the link to your PDF brochure with an individual evaluation and tips on all aspects of salary


Salary table: earnings structures in accounting according to specialization and professional experience

functionwork experienceMinMax
Accounting clerk0-2 years34.556 €39.962 €
Accounting clerk3-5 years38.902 €44.308 €
Accounting clerk6-9 years44.308 €50.774 €
Accounting clerk10-15 years55.120 €58.406 €
Accounting clerk> 15 years56.180 €68.158 €
Accounts Receivable and Accounts Receivable0-2 years35.722 €39.962 €
Accounts Receivable and Accounts Receivable3-5 years39.962 €47.594 €
Accounts Receivable and Accounts Receivable6-9 years46.534 €50.774 €
Accounts Receivable and Accounts Receivable10-15 years49.714 €57.346 €
Accounts Receivable and Accounts Receivable> 15 years56.180 €63.812 €
Payroll clerk0-2 years37.842 €43.248 €
Payroll clerk3-5 years43.248 €50.774 €
Payroll clerk6-9 years49.714 €55.120 €
Payroll clerk10-15 years54.060 €62.752 €
Chief accountant0-2 years47.594 €50.774 €
Chief accountant3-5 years50.774 €57.346 €
Chief accountant6-9 years56.180 €62.752 €
Chief accountant10-15 years62.752 €66.992 €
Accountant0-2 years49.714 €55.120 €
Accountant3-5 years55.120 €63.812 €
Accountant6-9 years61.586 €71.338 €
Accountant10-15 years69.218 €76.744 €
International accountant0-2 years54.060 €57.346 €
International accountant3-5 years58.406 €65.932 €
International accountant6-9 years64.872 €74.624 €
International accountant10-15 years72.398 €81.090 €

What starting salary does an accountant get after training?

The accountant (without specializing or other additions) is not a protected professional title in Germany. A degree is not absolutely necessary. Instead, only a commercial apprenticeship is required as a prerequisite for accounting activity in Germany, whereby advancement training such as for example to become a certified accountant is advisable. This training as a commercial clerk serves as the basis for working as an accountant in a company. Depending on the year of the apprenticeship, the respective training companies usually pay between 700 and 900 euros per month. Anyone who then joins the accounts receivable and accounts payable department of a company as a young professional and thus has a very limited scope for action with regard to the tasks and the associated challenges, can earn a gross monthly salary between 1.900 and 2,300 euros expect. In rare cases - depending on the reputation and size of the company - newcomers can use over2,500 euros Apply gross / month.

What starting salary does an accountant with a degree receive?

Economics graduates are also drawn to this profession. Due to the different areas of responsibility, there are significant differences in terms of starting salary. As clerks with a technical college degree are on average about 31,000 euros realistic, while with a university degree the starting salary is usually at least 38,000 euros. Since larger companies usually pay higher salaries than smaller companies, the starting salary as a clerk with a university degree in accounting can also be over40,000 euros lie. For example, if you start your career as an accountant with a university degree (provided you have the appropriate advanced training), you can earn a gross salary of between 43.000 and 47,000 euros expect.

How much does an accountant earn taking into account work experience and personnel responsibilities?

In addition to the industry and company size, increasing professional experience has the greatest influence on salary growth. Bookkeeping graduates can expect the biggest increase in salary after around five years. In larger companies, accountants specializing in financial accounting with a degree and professional experience of between six and nine years are employed on average 50,000 euros hardened and tempered. As head of accounting, a salary of around 85,000 - 120,000 euros possible.

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