Have you ever touched a tail


"Okay ..." you mumble and actually let it.

You just can't resist it and at some point it's always the first time.

Well ... your first time touching a penis will be today.

Taehyung guides your hand and very carefully you take its hard length in your hand and rub it timidly and relatively slowly.

You've really never touched a penis before and yet you could swear it sounds familiar, like you've actually touched it before, which irritates you quite a bit.

You actually did it, now there's no going back.

"Let's sit down again," he said after a while, after which you followed him.

Now you both sat on the bench while you really jerk him off.

But you haven't dared to look there yet. You don't dare to watch yourself what you are doing.

"So, is it bad?" He asks, whereupon you shook your head.

You were actually more concerned with the principle.

"It's a little dry, don't you think?" He asks again, which confuses you a little.

"Isn't it otherwise?" You want to know.

"Well no."

"And ... when isn't it dry?" You ask.

You have no plan at all of such things. You can tell that you are inexperienced.

"Spit on your hand, and then go on ... and a little faster," he told you, but you just looked at him with wide eyes.

"... spit on my hand ...?" You want to make sure you got it right and Taehyung's nod was your confirmation.

"Seriously ...?" You ask again.

"Yes," he laughed.

"Isn't that ... gross?" You thought it sounded disgusting and kind of wrong.

"No, it slips more then," he told you, and somehow that makes sense.

You don't have a penis. You don't know what it feels like to jerk you off dry or wet.

“Spit on your hand. Or about my tail, "he said again.

"Mh ... do I have to?" You don't want to spit on your hand, that's super disgusting ...

"It would be better"

"Hmm ... well ..." you gave in and felt Taehyung watching you.

"Look away" you said then.

"Why?" He laughed a little.

"I don't want you to watch me spit on my hand."

He laughed and gave in and turned his head away.

Your mouth is pretty dry, which makes it difficult for you to spit, but you've done something.

Then you took his length in your hand again and brought him down again, but this time a little faster.

It's more exhausting than you think ...

"You're never doing this for the first time ..." he suddenly uttered, which surprised you extremely.

"Yes, I swear."