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New features
in iPadOS.

iPadOS 14 is based on the same powerful foundation as iOS and delivers experiences that have been specially developed for the possibilities of the iPad.

So you update

Important features and improvements

New design for widgets

Widgets look better in the new design and show more data so you can use them even better throughout the day.

Widgets of different sizes

Widgets are now available in small, medium, and large so you can choose exactly the amount of information that's best for you.

Widgets for everything

Redesigned Apple widgets for weather, clock, calendar, notes, maps, fitness, photos, reminders, stocks, music, podcasts, tips, batteries, screen time, files, Siri suggestions, shortcuts and app suggestions.

Widget gallery

The central place for all widgets from Apple and other developers. The gallery shows you the most popular widgets based on what users install and use most often inside.

Smart stack

In the widget gallery you can choose the smart stack. That's a set of widgets that you can swipe through. Thanks to on-device intelligence, the widget you need is displayed first, depending on the time, location and activity. This can be, for example, the weather widget in the morning, events from the calendar during the day and the travel time from Apple Maps in the evening.

Siri suggestions widget

The Siri Suggestions widget uses on-device intelligence to make suggestions that might be of interest to you based on your usage behavior. For example, ordering a coffee or starting a podcast. Tap the suggestion to take the action without starting the app.

Developer API

Developers can create their own widgets with a new API and thus use the options of the widgets in the new design, such as storage on the home screen and display at the right time.

Revised sidebars

The sidebars have been given a new look that shows even more information while you see more of the app's functions in the main window. Photos, music, shortcuts, voice memos, calendars, notes, files, mail and contacts have redesigned sidebars for a consistent experience across iPadOS.


The clearer toolbars in Calendar and Files allow apps to group buttons and menus into a single bar at the top of the app. So you can easily access all controls.

Popup window

Pop-up windows close automatically when you interact with other parts of an app.

Pop-up menus

Built-in apps like Files have new pop-up menus that give you one-button access to the app's functions.

Date picker

With the revised date picker, you can quickly and easily select the date in calendar and contacts. It will appear as a calendar and you can just tap the date you want.

Best results

The most relevant results, including apps, contacts, knowledge, places of interest on maps, and websites are displayed at the top to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for.

Quick start

Enter a few characters and you can instantly launch apps or websites by tapping OK.

Compact user interface

A new compact design only uses as much space as it takes. So you can search from anywhere, for example from the home screen or an app, and don't lose sight of what you're doing.

Search suggestions as you type

Start typing and search suggestions will appear below the search box.

Search in apps

Start a search in apps like Mail, Messages, and Files.

Web search

Searching the internet has never been easier. Start typing and you'll see relevant websites and search results from around the top. This is a quick and easy way to start Safari for a full web search.

Compact user interface

Phone calls

Incoming calls from your iPhone are shown as a banner that does not take up the entire screen. So you don't lose sight of what you're doing. Swipe up on the banner to decline the call or down to see more features on your phone.

VoIP calls from other providers

With a corresponding developer API, apps like Skype can also support the compact view for incoming calls.

FaceTime calls

Incoming FaceTime calls are displayed as a banner that does not take up the entire screen. Swipe up on the banner to decline the call or down for more FaceTime features.


Siri has a new compact design with which you can see information directly on the display and switch seamlessly to the next task. If you ask something, Siri will appear in the lower right corner of your display. The results have been redesigned so that you only see the information you need in a new compact layout. And Siri quickly fades out when you start apps, make calls, or get directions.

Write by hand in each text field

The Scribble feature lets you write directly into a text field with your hand using Apple Pencil, and it is converted into typed text. The transcription takes place on your device so that what you write remains private.

Strikethrough to delete

New editing gestures help you write and edit something even easier. Just cross out a word or space to delete it.

Circle to select

Circle a word to select it - this is useful when you want to copy or move a word.

Hold down for a space

Press and hold between words to add a space with your Apple Pencil.

Doodle keyboard shortcuts palette

The keyboard shortcuts palette gives you the most frequently used actions for the app you are using. So you can tap directly on the palette without using the on-screen keyboard. When you're writing in Mail, the shortcut palette gives you options to choose fonts and insert images. So you can quickly tap on the option you want. Reminders have options for current time and location settings that you may need to create reminders.

Improved note-taking with Apple Pencil

Smart selection

Select a handwritten word or entire sentences with the intelligent selection - with the same gestures that you have used so far with typed text. Tap twice to select a word and three times for a phrase.2

Smart selection: swipe to select

Swipe your handwriting with your Apple Pencil or your finger to select entire paragraphs with one movement. Swipe faster to select entire paragraphs of handwriting and slower to be more precise. The slower you get, the more precise the selection will be, so you can even select individual letters. Swipe back to deselect words if you've selected too many. Machine learning ensures that handwriting is selected, not your drawings.2

Copy and paste as text

Select your handwritten notes, then select "Copy as Text". When you re-insert what you have written, it will be converted into typed text. The converted text retains the format of the original handwritten notes. This is perfect if you'd rather handwrite something and keep a digital copy of it. The transcription takes place on your device so that what you write remains private.2

Add spaces

In your handwritten notes, add or delete spaces between sentences or paragraphs by first selecting the text, then using your Apple Pencil or your finger to drag the small triangle that appears on the left up or down. You can also use the new option "Insert blank line at the top" in the description bar, which calls up a horizontal line. You can move these to add as much or as little space as you need.2

Data recognition

Do more with your handwritten notes. On-device intelligence recognizes addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and other data. This is how you can take actions on your handwritten notes. Just tap on the recognized data and you can choose between different actions, like opening a window for writing in mail or showing an address in cards.2

Shape recognition

With shape recognition, you can draw geometrically perfect lines, curves and shapes such as hearts, stars and arrows. Just start drawing and pause for a moment when you're done, and your approximate shape will be a perfect one. Shape recognition is useful for drawing diagrams or quickly sketching something.

Shape recognition supports these shapes:

  • line
  • Curve
  • square
  • rectangle
  • circle
  • oval
  • heart
  • triangle
  • star
  • cloud
  • Pentagon
  • Thought bubble
  • Arrow outline
  • Continuous line with 90 ° curves
  • Line with arrow end point
  • Curve with arrow end point

ARKit: Depth API

The Depth API enables precise depth measurements with the LiDAR scanner. This allows virtual objects to interact with the real world exactly as you would expect. This depth information also enables new application possibilities in AR apps - such as detailed body measurements for a precise virtual try-on or advanced effects for editing photos and videos.3

ARKit: Location Anchors

AR experiences can be placed at certain geographic coordinates. This allows you to find them in locations around the world - in cities, next to famous landmarks, and even in your neighborhood.4

ARKit: Extended support for face recognition

Even more users can look forward to AR experiences that are only possible via the front camera - with expanded support for face recognition on the 12.9 "iPad Pro (3rd generation) and newer and the 11" iPad Pro and newer.

RealityKit: Teletextures

Teletextures can be added to any part of a scene or virtual object in RealityKit. This makes objects, surfaces and virtual characters come alive.5

RealityKit: Improved obscuring of objects

With the data from the LiDAR scanner and the improved edge detection integrated in RealityKit, virtual objects in AR Quick Look and RealityKit experiences interact with their environment as you would expect and can be realistically covered by real objects for the first time.3

Pinned conversations

Pin your most important conversations to the top of your conversation list so you can always access them. The latest news, tapbacks and the display that someone is typing are animated above the pin. And when you pin a group conversation, you'll see the last three participants: grouped around the pin when they send a message.

Up to nine pins

You can have up to nine pinned conversations that sync across Messages for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.


Enter the name of someone in a group conversation to send them a direct message. You can customize a particularly active group so that you only receive notifications when someone mentions you.

Direct answers

You can now reply directly to a specific message in a group conversation. All related messages are shown in a separate view so that you can easily keep track of a conversation.

Set group photo

Set a picture for your group conversation. This can be a photo, memoji, or emoji that will be shared with everyone in the group.

New hairstyles

Customize your Memoji with 11 new hairstyles, including man bun, top knot and simple side parting.

New styles for headgear

Show your hobby or your job with 19 new headgear, including a bicycle helmet, a nurse's cap and a swimming cap.

New Memoji stickers

With three new Memoji stickers you can send others a hug, a fist bump or even a blush.

More expressive memojis

Revised structures for faces and muscles make Memojis and Memoji stickers even more expressive.

More age options

With six new age options, you can customize your look whether you look very young, your prime, or somewhere in between.

Hairstyles with fades

Thirteen hairstyles now have transitions where the hair is tapered on the side of the face so you can show off your own style.

Mouth and nose protection

Personalize your Memoji with a new mouth and nose protection, which you can adapt to your look including the color.

travel Guide

Get recommendations of the best places to visit in a city with guidebooks created by a selection of recognized brands. Travel guides help you find great places to eat, shop, meet friends, or explore in cities around the world. You can save travel guides so you can easily find them later, and they'll automatically update as new places arrive so you always have the latest recommendations.6

Electric vehicle routes

Easily plan trips with your electric vehicle. Maps automatically adds breaks to the loading and plans the loading times when calculating the arrival time. Once you've safely added an EV on your iPad, Maps can keep track of things like the current charge level and charger type to help you find the best route for your vehicle.7

Toll zones

Big cities like London and Paris have toll zones to reduce traffic in densely populated areas.Maps shows you areas with tolls and guides you past them if you want.8

New map available in more countries

Our new card is coming later this year for more countries including Canada, Ireland and the UK. The new map has more detail for streets, buildings, parks, harbors, beaches, airports, and more, and shows a more realistic picture of the world.

License plate access

For cities in China with restricted traffic in metropolitan areas, you can see whether you are authorized to drive into them with your car.9 Enter the number of your license plate number on cards to determine whether you can drive through the area or have to avoid it. The license plate data are securely stored in cards and never leave your vehicle.

Proposed automations

When you add new accessories, the Home app suggests helpful automations. For example, you can leave the entrance lights on every evening, open the garage when you get home, and more.

Home status

A new visual status at the top of the Home app shows you a summary of the accessories that need your attention, report important status changes or can be quickly controlled.

Home settings

Home Settings in Control Center will now dynamically suggest the most relevant accessories and scenes that you are likely to want to operate - based on the time of day and how often you normally use them. For example, you can see settings for the light in the bedroom in the morning and a scene for the morning or the settings for the door lock and the outside lights when you come home in the evening. You can also tap the Home icon and see more accessories and scenes.

Adaptive light for intelligent lamps

Lights that change color can now automatically adjust throughout the day to help you relax - or work optimally. Make the start of the day easier for yourself with warmer colors, stay more concentrated at lunchtime with cooler colors and relax in the evening by reducing blue light.10

Face recognition for video cameras and doorbells

Security cameras can not only recognize people, animals and vehicles, but also identify people that you have tagged in the Photos app. This enables more precise reports on the activity. Simply mark people and, depending on the person, choose whether you want to be notified.10

Activity zones for video cameras and doorbells

HomeKit Secure Video lets you set activity zones in a camera's field of view. Only if movement is detected in these areas will the video recording start and you will be notified.10

Standard favicons in tabs

Favicons are shown in tabs by default. This is how you can see open tabs at a glance.

Translate beta websites

You can easily translate entire web pages in Safari. If you're on a compatible website, Safari will show you a translation icon in the address bar. Just tap it and get a translation in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Russian, or Brazilian Portuguese.11

Website privacy report

Tap the Privacy Report button to view a report for all cross-page trackers that Safari's intelligent tracking protection has blocked.

Password monitoring

Safari reliably monitors your saved passwords and automatically keeps an eye on passwords that could be affected by data misuse. For this purpose, Safari uses powerful encryption methods to regularly compare the derivations of your passwords with a list of hacked passwords. It's done in a secure and private way that won't reveal your password information - not even Apple. If Safari detects abuse, you can upgrade to “Sign in with Apple” if available, or automatically create a new secure password.


With a super-fast JavaScript engine, Safari is the fastest browser in the world for tablets. Time and again, it surpasses the performance data for Windows browsers.12

Web Speech API

New support for the Web Speech API allows developers to integrate speech recognition on their websites. It lets you subtitle calls and videos in real time, dictate emails, and navigate websites with your voice.

Spatial audio

Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking brings the cinema experience straight to your AirPods Pro.13 With aligned audio filters and a subtle adjustment of the frequencies arriving at each ear, spatial audio ensures that sounds can be placed practically anywhere in the room. This creates an impressive surround sound experience. Spatial audio uses the gyro sensor and accelerometer in your AirPods Pro and iPad to detect the movements of your head and device. It compares the movement data and rearranges the sound field so that it aligns with your device, even if you move your head.

Headphone adjustments

This new operating aid is designed to amplify calm, soft tones and adjust certain frequencies to suit a person's hearing. This makes music, movies, calls and podcasts sound more brilliant and clearer.14 Headphone Customizations also supports the AirPods Pro's transparency mode. This makes quiet voices easier to hear and the sounds in your environment are adapted to your needs.

Automatic switching of devices

The AirPods automatically switch between iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac connected to the same iCloud account. This makes it even easier for you to use your AirPods with your Apple devices.15

Messages about the battery

Battery notifications tell you when to charge your AirPods.

AirPods Pro Motion API

The Motion API gives developers access to orientation, user acceleration, and rotation rates for AirPods Pro, which is great for fitness apps, games, and more.

Compact user interface

Siri has a new compact design with which you can see information directly on the display and switch seamlessly to the next task. If you ask something, Siri will appear in the lower right corner of your display. The results have been redesigned so that you only see the information you need in a new compact layout. And Siri quickly fades out when you start apps, make calls, or get directions.

Learn more

Siri knows 20 times as much as it did three years ago.

Additional languages ​​for translation

Siri can translate many other languages ​​and supports over 65 language combinations:

  • English (Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Great Britain, USA)> Spanish, Mandarin, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic
  • English (US)> Korean
  • Spanish (Spain, Mexico, Chile, USA)> English, Mandarin, German, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese
  • Mandarin (Mainland China)> English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean
  • Mandarin (Taiwan)> English, Japanese
  • German (Germany)> English, Spanish, Mandarin, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese
  • French (France)> English, Mandarin, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese
  • Italian (Italy)> English, Spanish, Mandarin, German, French, Russian, Portuguese
  • Japanese (Japan)> English, Mandarin, Korean
  • Russian (Russia)> English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese
  • Portuguese (Brazil)> English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian
  • Arabic (United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia)> English
  • Korean (Korea)> English, Mandarin, Japanese

Share arrival time

While navigating with Apple Maps, you can ask Siri to share your estimated time of arrival with a contact.

New voice in more languages

The new Siri voice uses advanced neural text-to-speech technology to sound even more natural. Previously it was only available in English for the US, but now the new voice is also available in a few more regions:

  • English (Australia, India, Ireland, South Africa, Great Britain, USA)
  • French (France)
  • German Germany)
  • Spanish (Mexico, Spain)
  • Mandarin (Mainland China)
  • Japanese (Japan)

Send audio messages

You can now send audio messages using Siri. This is great if you have more to say on your messages. Third-party messaging apps are powered by SiriKit.

Announce calls

Siri announces incoming calls and tells you who is calling when you have AirPods on. Siri asks if you'd like to take a call so you can answer it hands-free.

Groups FaceTime

Start a group FaceTime call by saying, for example, “Hey Siri, FaceTime with Diana and Eva.” You can also tell Siri to call a group name from messages.

Call emergency contacts

Siri can now call your emergency contacts. Say, "Hey Siri, call my emergency contact". And Siri will do the rest. If you have multiple emergency contacts, Siri will ask you which one you want to call.

Report accidents with Apple cards

Report accidents, dangerous spots or speed cameras to Apple cards with Siri. Just say something like, "Hey Siri, I just passed an accident."

New Siri voices and options for settings

Siri now has more and more diverse voices to choose from. And there is no longer a default voice when you first set up your iPad. So you can choose the Siri voice that suits you right from the start.

Information on data protection in the App Store

A new area on every product page in the App Store shows you a summary of an app's privacy practices before you download it. Developers share their privacy practices in a simple, easy-to-understand format - such as how they collect data and then use it to track you across companies.

App tracking transparency16

Developers need to ask your permission before they can track you. In the settings, you can see which apps have permission to track you, and you can change your mind at any time.

Approximate location

With a new setting you can decide whether you want to share your approximate location instead of your exact location with an app.

Limited access to the photo library

You can decide whether you want to share only selected photos with a developer who requires access to your photos, or whether you want to allow access to your entire library.

Recording indicator

iPadOS shows you when an app is using the microphone or camera, both in the app and in the control center.

Upgrade to "Sign in with Apple"

Developers can offer to upgrade an existing app account to “Sign in with Apple”. In this way, users receive better data protection, more security and easier use without having to create a new account.

VoiceOver detection

On-device intelligence recognizes key elements on the display to enable VoiceOver support for apps and experiences on the Internet that don't have built-in support for accessibility features.

VoiceOver recognition: image descriptions

VoiceOver reads descriptions of pictures and photos in apps and on the web in full sentences.

VoiceOver Recognition: Text recognition

VoiceOver speaks text it recognizes in pictures and photos.

VoiceOver recognition: display recognition

VoiceOver automatically detects user interface elements and helps navigate apps, making them more accessible.

Headphone adjustments

This new operating aid is designed to amplify calm, soft tones and adjust certain frequencies to suit a person's hearing. This ensures that music, films, calls and podcasts sound more brilliant and clearer.14 Headphone Customizations also supports the AirPods Pro's transparency mode. This makes quiet voices easier to hear and the sounds in your environment are adapted to your needs.

Sound detection

Noise recognition uses on-device intelligence to inform users who might otherwise miss important advisory tones. On iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, users receive a notification when a certain tone or alarm, such as a fire alarm or a doorbell, is detected.

Highlight sign language

FaceTime recognizes when a participant is using sign language and puts the person in the foreground in group FaceTime calls.

New languages ​​for voice control

Voice control for iPad has new language options, including Spanish (Spain, Mexico, USA) and English (Australia and Canada). These languages ​​use advanced Siri technology for incredible accuracy as you dictate commands.

Person recognition

The magnifying glass uses the integrated camera and the LiDAR scanner to recognize people in your vicinity and to let you know in real time how far they are from you.17

A new way to discover apps

An app clip is a small part of an app that is called up the moment you need it and then does a special job.

Quickly available

App clips are designed to be small so you can use them in seconds. Unlike apps, they are not installed. So after use, they simply disappear again.

Find at the right moment

You can find app clips when you scan QR codes in Messages, Maps and Safari, and via Apple-developed App Clip Codes that are only associated with one App Clip.

Discover: Scan a QR code

QR codes start a corresponding app clip when you scan them with the QR code reader or the camera app.

Explore: Tap a link in Safari

Links that have been posted on the Internet can launch a corresponding app clip from Safari.

Discover: start in maps

For locations that support app clips, the location map in Maps has a button to start it.

Discover: Open in messages

You can easily share and open app clips in messages. If you get one sent, you can start it right away.

Discover: App Clip Codes

App clip codes are labels developed by Apple that are only linked to a specific app clip. With them you can easily find and start an app experience, exactly where and when you need it. You can scan an app clip code with your camera or tap it and use NFC.13

Download the complete app

After using an app clip, you can load the full version of the app with one tap.

Works with Apple Pay

App Clips can use Apple Pay to make purchases without entering your credit card information.

Works with Sign In With Apple

App Clips can use Sign In With Apple to give you a customized experience that doesn't require you to enter separate account information.

Details about apps

See the most important details about an app at a glance in a scrollable view with customer ratings, the age rating for the app, the category, support for game controllers in games and more.

Recommendations for games from friends

Discover games that your Game Center friends are playing. You can now see them on the product page for all games with Game Center support, and tap to see their Game Center profiles.

Family subscriptions

You can now share App Store subscriptions with everyone in your family and only have to pay once. Subscriptions to participating apps can be shared with members of your Family Sharing group.


On the Apple Arcade Games pages, you can see goals and milestones that you can unlock in games, as well as your progress.

Keep playing

Launch the games you recently played from the Apple Arcade tab on all of your devices.

Show and filter all games

Search the entire Apple Arcade collection. Sort and filter by release date, updates, category, controller support and more.

Game Center Dashboard in Games

On the dashboard in games you can see your progress and that of the others at a glance. Quickly access your Game Center profile, achievements, leaderboards and more without leaving the game.

Available Soon

Get previews of upcoming Apple Arcade Games and download them as they appear.

Dashboard in games

Load the latest Apple Arcade games into Games right from the dashboard. Apple Arcade now shows you games your friends are playing inside, new releases, and recommendations for you.

New store

The Apple TV app now has a special area where you can discover, buy, rent or subscribe to the best films, programs and streaming services at a glance.

Quick adjustments in video mode

All iPad models now support quick adjustments to video resolution and frame rate in video mode.

Mirror photos with the front camera

A new option in Settings lets you take mirrored selfies that match the front camera preview.18

Improvements in reading QR codes

The improvements to QR code reading make it easy to scan codes, even if they are small or arranged around objects.

Improved video quality

FaceTime has improved video quality with up to 1080p resolution on the 10.5 "iPad Pro, 11" iPad Pro (1st generation) or newer and 12.9 "iPad Pro (2nd generation) or newer.

Highlight sign language

FaceTime recognizes when a participant is using sign language and puts the person in the foreground in group FaceTime calls.

Share subscriptions from other providers

Developers can support family sharing for in-app purchases and subscriptions so everyone in your family can access it with a single App Store purchase.

Revised sidebar

The Files app has a completely redesigned sidebar in which all important functions are combined in one central location. With just one tap, you can access your history, shared documents, external drives, file servers and favorite folders.

Support for APFS encrypted storage media

The Files app supports external hard drives with APFS encryption. Simply enter the password to access the content on the hard drive.


New support for playing games with the new Xbox Series X wireless controller or Sony PS5 DualSense ™ wireless controller.

New bilingual dictionaries

The new bilingual dictionaries include French - German, Indonesian - English, Japanese - Chinese (simplified), and Polish - English.

Autocorrection in even more languages

Autocorrect now supports Irish Gaelic and New Norwegian.

Improved Kana keyboard for Japan

Enter numbers with repeated digits in the revised area for numbers and symbols on the Japanese Kana keyboard.

Full screen effects for India localized

Messages now has matching full screen effects when you send greetings in 22 Indian languages.

Wubi keyboard for China

You can now use the Wubi input method on your iPad. That makes typing faster than ever for people who are used to this method.

New fonts for India

New fonts for India include 20 new fonts for documents. In addition, 18 existing fonts have been updated, with more line weights and italics for even more choice.

Support of e-mail addresses with non-Latin script in mail

You can send and receive emails with non-Latin script email addresses - including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai, and Hindi.

On-device dictation function

The keyboard dictation will get better as you use your device and will adjust to you over time. The on-device dictation function helps to protect your privacy as it is carried out completely offline. The dictation function in the search uses server-based dictation.19

Emoji popup menu

The new emojis popup window lets you enter emojis when you use a hardware keyboard with your iPad.

Auto-fill contacts in other developer apps

Instead of sharing all your contacts with apps from other developers, you can now enter individual names and automatically enter related data such as phone number, address or e-mail in the required fields. The autofill will be done on your device. Contacts are not shared with other developers without your consent.

Autocorrection in even more languages

Autocorrect now supports Irish Gaelic and New Norwegian.

Improved Kana keyboard for Japan

Enter numbers with repeated digits in the revised area for numbers and symbols on the Japanese Kana keyboard.

Wubi keyboard for China

You can now use the Wubi input method on your iPad. That makes typing faster than ever for people who are used to this method.

New emojis

New emojis for faces, hearts and a woman with a beard. You can also choose different skin colors for each person in the kissing couple emojis (💏) and the couple with heart emojis (💑).

Emoji search

A new search field for the emoji keyboard lets you search for the perfect emoji. Enter frequently used words or phrases like “heart” or “smiling face” and you'll see matching emojis to choose from.

Listen now

The new Home Tab in Apple Music is designed so that you can play and discover your favorite music, artists, playlists and mixes in one place. “Listen now” starts with a summary of the best choices for your musical interests. The more you listen, the more Apple Music learns about what you love and sorts its suggestions.

Automatic playback

Apple Music keeps playing now. When a song or playlist ends, AutoPlay finds similar songs so the music continues.

Improved search

The all new search shows you music by genre, mood and activity. And you'll get helpful suggestions as you type something so you can find exactly what you're looking for.

Filters for the media library

Find artists, albums, playlists and other things in your library even faster. Swipe down on each section to filter your results.

Full screen lyrics and playlist

Follow the lyrics of your favorite songs in full-screen mode synchronized with the music and manage the playback of your playlist more easily - all in a new design for the iPad.

Share lyrics

Share your favorite lyrics with messages, Facebook and Instagram stories. With one tap, you can share lyrics from a specific moment in a song, and subscribers can listen to the passage right in Messages without leaving the conversation.

Search for a music label

Music label pages in Apple Music help you discover the latest and most popular releases from select labels. You can find music labels in the search results or by tapping the music label link on the album pages.

City charts

Discover what's being heard in over 100 cities around the world. With charts that are updated daily.

Media library: compiled for you

Find personal mixes and replay playlists with the shortcut "Media library: compiled for you".

"Listen now": Live event badges

Listen Now shows you upcoming special live events based on what you like.

Moving pictures on artist pages

Artists can now express themselves better on Apple Music and add their own animations on the artist page.

New Photos sidebar on iPad

The new Photos sidebar for iPad gives you quick access to For You, Albums and Search, as well as shared albums and media types. You can also use the sidebar in the My Albums view to rearrange the order of your albums.

Filter and sort

You can now filter your collection by Favorites, Edited, Videos and Photos. And you can sort any album, including shared albums, by date.

Simple, fluid navigation

Easily zoom in and out to quickly get to the photos and videos you're looking for. You can now do this in more views everywhere in photos, including albums, favorites, media types, shared albums and more.

Live Photos with playback stabilization

Live Photos in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 are automatically played back with improved image stabilization, in views for years, months and days.

Add context to photos and videos with subtitles

You can view and edit subtitles to add context to your photos and videos, and easily search for subtitles in the Search tab. When iCloud Photos is turned on, subtitles sync seamlessly across all of your devices.

Improved retrospectives

You get a more relevant selection of photos and videos in flashbacks, improved video stabilization when a flashback is played, a wider selection of music that automatically adjusts to the length of a flashback, and better frames when switching between portrait and landscape.

Revised image selection in apps

It's now easier than ever to find and select the images you're looking for, with a revamped image selection in apps like Messages, Mail, Safari, and third-party apps. Use the same Smart Search as in the Photos app to find just the photos and videos you're looking for, and easily select multiple pictures.

Smarter "Listen Now"

"Up next" in the "Listen now" tab has been redesigned. It will show you your personal list of episodes that will make it easier for you to pick up where you left off. Find the latest episodes of the shows you love or discover a new episode specially selected for you.

Coming soon Apple Podcasts Subscriptions

Subscribe to your favorite shows or channels and unlock additional content such as ad-free listening, bonus episodes, archived content and earlier access to publications.

Coming soon channels

Watch multiple shows in one place with channels. Discover all free and premium channels under "Search" or "Discover".

Pages for broadcasts

Start listening to a podcast or create your own experience with Broadcast Pages. Save space on your device by choosing what loads depending on the show and set up notifications for new episodes.

Media library improvements

Save individual episodes in your media library, no matter where you are in the app. Swipe over an episode for options to save and load it. Saved episodes will automatically appear in your library.


Discover popular categories and top charts under "Search".

Assign reminders

Assign reminders to specific people you share lists with so they can get a reminder.

New memories from the screen with lists

Create new reminders on iPad right from the list screen without having to go to a specific list.

Smart suggestions for date and location

Reminders will automatically suggest dates, times, and locations for a reminder based on similar reminders you've created in the past.

Edit multiple reminders at the same time

You can complete multiple reminders at once, mark them with flags, or change the date and time.

Personalized lists with emojis

Personalize the look of your lists with emojis and newly added symbols.

Suggestions for reminders in mail

When you text someone in mail, Siri detects possible reminders and suggests you create one.

Organize smart lists

Customize the reminders app by rearranging or hiding smart lists.

Improved search

Find the right reminders by searching for people, locations, and even detailed notes you've added.

Improved calendar selection

Select the appropriate date and time to receive a reminder with the new calendar menu. You can quickly view the whole month and easily scroll through months and years.

Sort memories

Sort your reminders by title, priority, date or creation date. Or manually drag reminders up or down the list to show them in your preferred order - even on your Smart Lists.

Print out memories

You can now print out reminders and take your shopping list with you to the supermarket, check off to-do lists on paper and much more.

Set your own e-mail and browser apps as default

Set your own email and browser apps as default, which are started when you tap on a link or want to write a new email.

Redesigned iPad app

The shortcuts app has been redesigned for the iPad and has a new sidebar, a new editor for shortcuts and supports multiple windows.

Automation suggestions

Shortcuts now makes automation suggestions for you based on your usage patterns, which makes it easier to get started.


You can easily organize your shortcuts in folders. And every folder can be added to the home screen as a widget.

Compact design

When you start a shortcut from the Shortcuts app, from Siri suggestions, the share field, the accessibility or the new widget for shortcuts on the home screen, it now appears in a new compact design so that you can keep track.

New triggers for automation

Enable shortcuts when you receive an email or message, while in sleep mode, based on the battery level, when you close an app, or when you connect or disconnect your device. Triggers for times of day can now also be activated without user confirmation.


You can sort your voice memos into folders.

Smart folders

Smart folders automatically group Apple Watch recordings, recently deleted recordings, and favorites.