What do Australians drink for Christmas

to eat and drink

to eat out

There is no question about it - you can eat out very well in big cities like Sydney, Melbourne or Perth. There are also plenty of cozy restaurants, cafes and bars in Adelaide, Hobart, Brisbane and Darwin. Top restaurants serve innovative dishes made from fresh regional and seasonal products. During a tour through Australia you will often be surprised with top-quality dishes in rural regions that will make your palate click. One more thing pleases in Australia - the excellent coffee culture. You can enjoy really good coffee on almost every street corner in Australian cities, but also in small towns and even in the outback. Because the Australians are not only innovative in the food industry, but also in the coffee culture!

If you want to eat out in Australia, sooner or later you will come across the sign “BYO” - “Bring your own”. This means that, for licensing reasons, alcohol cannot be served in this restaurant and if you want to have a cold beer or a good glass of wine with your meal, you can easily bring your favorite drink to the restaurant yourself. When the Aussies go out to eat, they like to sit outside. In most restaurants, the dress code is casual and informal and you don't have to dress up. A service fee is already settled with the invoice at the end of your visit to the restaurant. Although it is not customary to tip in Australia, if you want to give an extra amount of up to 10% of the invoice amount as a courtesy, none of the service staff will complain.