How important are soil tests

Neudorff wrote:

Hello Eni,

Regrettably, we made a mistake while deleting the duplicate messages for which we would like to apologize.

It doesn't matter. It's not your fault that my threads appear double and triple here. Or is it? ;-)

Neudorff wrote:

The pH value in soils can sometimes fluctuate a lot. If a low pH value was measured in one place in the garden, this does not automatically mean that the same pH value prevails in the entire garden. In this respect, we do not recommend simply spreading lime. If in doubt, you should measure the trees again.

Oh yes, I already noticed that. After the rest piece, I tested the absolute shade bed near the house wall. Since this is totally mossy, I assumed the same acidic result. But the earth is neutral there. Although this bed had been marked out from the lawn, of course it was then enriched with potting soil.
Therefore, I would test the other plant strips again anyway.

Neudorff wrote:

Of course, existing plants cannot be raked into the crumb up to 20 cm deep. This information applies to fallow areas where the soil is to be prepared for planting / sowing.

That was already clear, but even with fallow areas I don't find 20cm "easy raking in".

Anyway, thanks for the explanation.