Are there female angels in heaven

The class society of the heavenly, the guardian angels and the woman who was too much for God herself

Malách «(Hebrew: God's shadowy side); »Angelos« (Greek: messenger), Angel - tall, handsome men in the fight against evil. Delicate, strong women preaching good news. Small, thick-legged boys with bows and arrows on the hunt for singles to make unhappy. Little, red-cheeked girls unfolding colorful ribbons fluttering over couples. Angels have no gender. They are naked, wear white shirts, velvet dresses, and metal armor. Angels have wings, always in pairs, from two to eight. They sing and dance, play the harp or wind instruments, mostly to praise God. If I am to imagine what the angels are playing in the presence of the Lord, then I can only think: They are playing Bach. But when they are among themselves, then they will certainly play Mozart!(Karl Barth)

They are cute, funny, erotic, dignified, beautiful to adore, terrible to fear. They do not get sick, know no passions and are immortal. When they appear to people, they are of perfect beauty; then they look like the people after the resurrection. Compared to man, the nature of angels is spiritual; but physically compared to God.(Gregory of Nazianzen) - According to Thomas Aquinas, there are nine heavenly estates that encircle the throne of God in three hierarchies.

The first, and thus closest to God, consists of: cherubins, seraphins and thrones, of which Dionysus Areopagia says: “... they are called perfect because they do not have discursive knowledge, but directly from the deity in the highest form to be enlightened and perfected. "

The second hierarchy is formed by: Exusiasis, Dynameis, Kyriotes - (revelator, world forces, world ruler) - they are responsible for the entire cosmos, not only in the permanently enlightened, "with God" state, but a little more turned towards the world and endeavored to reconcile all opposites with one another and finally to let them become one with God, the original reason.

The third hierarchy is personally responsible for our own: angels, archangels and principalities (or primordial forces, powers) - unfortunately there is no exact number of all angels, but the Bible says that the number of divine spirits is greater than that of all people of the past, present and future combinedSo the much-vaunted earthly overpopulation is nothing against it!

The vernacular knows best the Guardian Angel - a type of heavenly contact area officer. He is always ready to push the pedestrian off the bike path; it moves us to use a different plane than the one that is supposed to crash. He arranges that we are not there when the bailiff comes ... Lately the Guardian Angels seem to be working a bit disoriented - but maybe the air traffic is too big, the cyclists too aggressive and the installment payment regulations have become too criminal.

Kaspar clearly has an "angel of capital": he always finds jewelry or money on the street; Marianne thanks her "parking lot angel" every time she finds a spot for her car in front of the respective entrances. Before going to sleep, Martin always meets his "bed angel" - which almost connects him with Rudolf Steiner, who stated that people have an encounter with angels at night can (but only if you have thought of something other than earthly trinkets during the day!). My guardian angel seems to have an affection for keys because he always puts them where I'm looking for them - so it is obviously regulated in such a way that everyone gets the angel they need. [True enough, my angel likes to listen to music and drag me along to the most interesting music performances! d. säzzer] Except maybe: the Kurds in Iraq, Iran and Turkey (although Islam also knows the angel as such!), the asylum seekers in Europe (the problem may not yet have reached the triads), the AIDS sufferers (promiscuity is also frowned upon among angels, although it is very well practiced!).

In the past, when the world was still in order and flat, there was no doubt about the existence of angels. Their first traces were found with the Assyrians and Babylonians, where every deity had a winged messenger and already there the messengers also had a protective function for mortals against the gods. They retained this mediator position in Judaism and Christianity as well as in Islam. In all three world religions, Gabriel (angel of mankind) and Michael (angel of the prophets) are known and appreciated, who, together with Raphael and Uriel (and among Christians and Jews also optionally: Sariel, Remiel, Raguel or Razuel) are known as "Archangels". They are the most important mediators between God and man, but also command the heavenly legions in the fight against the Sons of Darkness.

How many angels there are actually remains confusingly unclear even after a long study of angel studies. The Talmud, for example, at one point alone speaks of 11,000 guardian angels who accompany every single Jew, while Christians only give each one one on the right (for the good deeds) and one on the left (for the bohe things). So we see that the winged beings are many - and of ancient origins; and we could all have felt safe in their care to this day - but then came the astronomical knowledge of the 16th century, and suddenly the angels should no longer exist. Martin Luther believed in the devil (why else would we need Christ as a savior?), Even felt himself haunted by him more often at night than he himself made his own wife happy, but found the thought of angels extremely silly. But who is the devil? Ezekiel (28, 12-17) says: You were the image of perfection, full of wisdom and exceedingly beautiful. In Eden, in the garden of God, you were adorned with precious stones of every kind, with sarders, topaz, diamond, turquoise, onyx, sapphire, malachite, emerald ... You were a shining, shielding cherub ... Because your heart rose, that you were so beautiful and that you spoiled your wisdom in all your splendor, that's why I threw you to the ground.

Lucifer, the Bringer of Light, was not satisfied with the role of the serving angel and became the leader of a revolution in heaven. According to Solomon, who once caught them in a large bottle, it was 6666 - the Bible says that a third of the angels were there. Samuel Butler said you couldn't know what it really was like because God wrote all the books and no one ever wrote them devilish Version heard. The only thing that was written about was Lucifer's favorite hell bride, Lilith, Adam's first wife, who was far too wild and spirited for boredom. According to some heretical accounts, she seems to have been too much even for the Lord, who was also not entirely immune to her charm. He quickly passed them on to Satan(Malcolm Godwin).

Usually demons live long but are not immortal; Lilith, however, is allowed to plague humanity until the return of Christ - she is one of the four Brides of Satan (not to be confused with the infamous "Roast Satans" - whoever counts) who, along with the four arch demons, are explicitly female among the angels: Prosperina, the "Queen of Demons", Barbelo, of whom it is rumored that her splendor surpasses the brightness of the Heavenly Father, Astarte, the morning venus, who transformed the Christians into "Astaroth", the male prince of Hell, and Leviathan, the Chaos Dragon, which shows itself as a crocodile or ring-shaped snake.

Whatever the case with all these interesting beings, somehow they are like the squirrels: everyone likes them, but you see them far too seldom! And what Samuel Butler said about her is probably true: ""All reason is against it and all healthy feelings speak in favor of it."Renée Sugar