Why am I always morose

Meryl Streep: "I'm pretty grumpy, just ask my husband"


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ZEIT ONLINE: Mrs. Streep, why have we been seeing you in so many comedies lately. Have you discovered your funny side?

Meryl Streep: Oh, I've actually always acted in all kinds of films. But unfortunately it is usually the case that the general perception is more likely to be nailed to what you always did at the beginning. For me these are dramas. That doesn't mean much, however. My most recent films show that too.

ZEIT ONLINE: Everything you take in hand, you will succeed with absolute perfection. What's your secret?

Streep: My mom just raised me well! To be honest, all the superlatives with which I am often described have no private meaning for me. I am very aware of my own flaws and flaws, as a mother, wife and actress! In my acting in particular, it is human fragility that interests me most. I am looking for what is just not perfect.

ZEIT ONLINE: How do you manage the balancing act between a career woman and a caring mother?

Streep: First of all, I owe a lot to my great husband. I found this safe haven many years ago, over three decades ago! So in that regard, I'm very lucky. As for the rest? You need a lot of perseverance and organizational talent. My life consists to a large extent of planning, planning and planning again.



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ZEIT ONLINE: What makes you happy

Streep: At some point you notice that real feelings of happiness are usually aroused by the simplest things: love, sex and food come to mind! Much else - power, influence, strength - often makes you feel more important, but that's not the case.

ZEIT ONLINE: For many people you represent style and glamor, but Hollywood seems to leave you indifferent.

Streep: I don't even live there yet.