Why is it better to wear sandals

Should I wear sandals barefoot?

My new friend advised me to buy trekking sandals because she thinks that these are very comfortable summer shoes that can be combined with a casual, sporty outfit. could I wear them with socks too? I would be embarrassed if everyone could see my big feet.
In my opinion, trekkings are barely possible with socks, but it's better without them. And hey, the feet are a part of you :) Accept them, then they are perfectly fine for others too.
"Should I wear sandals barefoot?"
If you only knew how much I don't care.
"could I wear them with socks too?"
I don't know if you can do that. Maybe you don't have socks. At least I could.
And functional clothing must be worn for this. In Sahara beige and with lots of pockets
Don't forget the hip bum bag!
PS: Nobody who takes trekking seriously wears sandals ...
As a smartass, I have objections:
Sandals and barefoot are mutually exclusive.
Because barefoot (Duden = with bare feet) has no shoes on, right ..

No sandals or concrete blocks either.
@ rayer

That was really good. Chapeau !!!
I have never read a funny post by rayer, only provocative.
You are spoiled for choice between skin-colored socks and flashy patterned long knee socks. However, the soles are not suitable for pavement.
oh dear, another old daddy who, if someone asks about sandals, can immediately remotely diagnose that his girlfriend wants to change his personality.

Sounds a lot like a female person in this community who does that all the time.

Globetrotter, if you were really one, you would know that you run barefoot in summer, so, as Djinn already mentioned, you don't wear any footwear at all.