Are loyal partners in a distant relationship

Cheating in a long distance relationship - normal or not?

When people enter into a long-distance relationship, conventional couples and individuals suspect that cheating must be a great danger. After all, there is really no control over what the partner is doing.

Several studies contradict this view. These have - depending on the focus of the question - different data, but a uniform conclusion: In long-distance relationships, cheating is by no means more common. On the contrary, it happens less often than with couples who live together or at least see each other (perhaps with separate households, but in the same city) every day.

But let's not kid ourselves - cheating can be a real problem even in relationships that are led over a long distance. Cheating hurts, no matter where it happens.

Long Distance Relationships and Their Effects on Loyalty

First of all, why do people have a long-distance relationship in the first place? There are two main reasons for this:

  1. A couple who originally lived together must switch to long-distance relationship mode because of a change in a partner's career. Families with children can be affected.

  2. Two singles met and fell in love - often through a partner platform - but the distance is there and initially cannot be overcome. Each of the two partners has the center of their life in their place.

These two scenarios have different effects on the nature of the relationship.

The relationship that was previously established nearby is likely to change. A partnership that started as a long-distance relationship from the start develops “at a distance” - which doesn't have to be a bad thing, as researchers have discovered.

But one thing is required in any case: There must be rules for long-distance relationships. These begin with agreements and a certain communication behavior. They continue through a certain rhythm of mutual meetings and experiences. And they inevitably lead to the rule of how true one should be.

Not everyone demands unconditional loyalty, but that has nothing to do with the long-distance relationship. According to the astonishing results of the studies mentioned, this in no way influences the desire for more or less loyalty. And it does not affect the discipline to remain true to this wish yourself. On the contrary, it was found that a certain distance can positively support the idea of ​​loyalty.

Loyal Long Distance Relationship - Why?

Actually, that can be explained. Infidelity can be purely sexual, but this is the rarer case. Loving and physically harmonious couples have no sexual reason to cheat.

The tried and tested, imaginative and experimental sex in a stable relationship is almost always preferable to flinging with a physically / sexually unknown partner. But people cheat one another sexually, but not primarily for physical reasons, but to escape the tightness of a partnership.

Old married couples know it and don't necessarily like it: Coming home already requires a certain discipline and commitment, although one would have preferred to throw everything in the corner and open a beer first.

Nobody can escape conversations, commitments lurk in every corner in a solid partnership. Cheating is simply an emotional outburst. However, there are many other reasons for this, such as irreconcilable opposites in a couple and, last but not least, the opportunity to find another, sexually and emotionally suitable partner at all.

Long-distance relationships as a cure for cheating?

That would be too good to be true. In addition, long-distance relationships are impractical and, last but not least, expensive in many ways. But couples who live together in an apartment or at least in a city can learn something from this: If partners do not feel constricted in any way, they are apparently a little more loyal to each other.

However, this rule should not be generalized too much. Long-distance relationships are also cheated on, and what's more, they fail much faster because of it. They just aren't the main cause of the fling.

What to do if you suspect cheating in a long-distance relationship?

The spatial separation makes it difficult to keep one's partner “under control” in a certain way. Who knows what the other will do when he or she is out alone. You cannot study the usual signs of infidelity from a distance. Emotional signals for unfaithful partnerships are also difficult to recognize from a distance.

Once the trust is gone and the suspicion gnaws that one could be betrayed, clarity is needed. But this certainty is not always easy to get. It is simply not possible to “just take a moment” to check what is happening behind your own back. It is therefore good to know that there are experts who can help you learn the truth in such cases.

This gives you certainty about the loyalty in your partnership

These professionals are private investigators who unearth evidence of infidelity. In tens of thousands of cases, our detectives were able to determine whether the long-distance relationship was also fidelity, or whether the famous affair occurred.

Through nationwide observations, clear evidence of what is really happening can be produced in a very discreet way. Does he really just go to the gym around the corner or does he meet up with another woman? Is she really still in the cinema that evening with a friend or is she going on a date with another man?

These and similar questions can be answered with the help of a detective agency. In the case of inconspicuous controls, the detectives produce clear evidence. Nationwide, reliable and discreet. Regardless of whether you need a detective in Stuttgart or a private detective in Cologne: Our detective agency is there for you everywhere.

Only you will find out about the results of the observation

If your suspicions could be refuted, no one will know anything about the observation. But now you yourself have certainty and can calmly devote yourself to normal life again. The constant doubts are then over once and for all.

However, if your suspicions are confirmed to be true, it is up to you to decide how to proceed. At least you now know what's going on. Nobody can fool you anymore. You can draw your own conclusions and take the right steps.

To learn the truth in your long distance relationship, speak to a detective now. The advice is free and very confidential.