What is surgical polo


Technology up-gradation has immensely influenced all corners of our livelihood. It has changed modern human civilization & faster lifestyle track by adding newer dimensions of daily life-style patterns. Even after the rapid boom in digitization in all the working sectors, paper utilization was and will be the key component of human civilization. In recent years, packaging in all products has become an essential part of our daily lives. In the coming years all products will need to be in packed form only, which will create more demands on paper boards & kraft liners. This demands of product packaging will give us a vast opportunity to increase our turnover rate over the years in incremental sales strategy.

Our control on procurement process, maintaining world class product quality, sales strategy as “sale & produce”, staying competitive in the market, proactive action to identify the market trends & augment its capacity on time and building an excellent team is the essence to become successful in today's world.

GSPBL’s success is due to the thousands of hands working together to build this company & also contribute to the nation’s growth as well. Our philosophy is to achieve long term value to serve the best interest of all customers, employees, governments & society at large. I would like to thanks my whole team & associates for their commitment & ambition in the growth & success of the company.