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Bundeswehr professions: What professions are there in the Bundeswehr?

Aiming for a career in the Bundeswehr is a first-class plan for your own professional life. After all, there are several arguments for looking for a suitable position at the federal government. However, it quickly becomes clear that it is not that simple, because there are numerous Bundeswehr professions to choose from. In the following, we have taken a closer look at the different professions for you and have summarized the most important information on the topic in a clear manner.

What professions are there in the Bundeswehr?

In the Bundeswehr, a basic distinction is made between civil and military professions. So you don't necessarily have to become a member of the combat troops, you can also work in the Bundeswehr administration. As a rule, this applies to the individual professions different requirements, which we will go into in more detail below. This also includes the matching school leaving certificate, because of course you cannot take up every profession with every degree. To make the overview a little easier for you, we have listed the Bundeswehr professions and their respective school requirements below.

Military professions

Anyone who thinks of the Bundeswehr professions usually thinks of them first military professions. The good news here is that you can pursue some of the military careers even if you haven't graduated from high school. You can see what these are here.

Military professions without a school leaving certificate

Between 32 different professions you can choose to work in the military in the Bundeswehr if you want to start your career without leaving school. Entry into the civilian sector is not possible without a school leaving certificate. Here you can see which professions you can choose in the military sector, among others:

  • Mountaineer
  • Motor vehicle repairers
  • Air Force Security
  • Navigator
  • Aircraft mechanic
  • Sonar specialist
  • Paratroopers
  • Media producer
  • Helpers in the care and functional service
  • Military police

Military professions with a secondary school leaving certificate

If you have at least a secondary school diploma in your pocket, you can work in the armed forces between 59 different professions choose. Of course, you can choose any professional direction for your military career that you can choose even without a school leaving certificate. In addition, there are a few professions, so that with the secondary school leaving certificate, for example, the following professions are available:

  • Firefighters
  • Specialist in electronic warfare for the Navy
  • Aircraft mechanic
  • Geographic information technician
  • Personnel officer
  • Deck service specialist
  • pioneer
  • Mine divers
The same professional fields are sometimes made available in the Bundeswehr with different ranks and positions. So, for example, you can join the mountain hunters with either a high school diploma or a secondary school diploma. With a secondary school diploma you can even become a sergeant in the mountain troops, without a school diploma you can “only” become part of the team.

Military professions with a secondary school leaving certificate

The choice of professions in the Bundeswehr is even greater for you if you have at least a secondary school diploma in your pocket. In this case, you can choose between the following professions, among others:

Military professions with a high school diploma

If you go to the armed forces with a technical diploma in your pocket, you can start your career as an officer. However, this usually requires a degree, which of course also affects the salary. You can see here which professions or directions you can choose with the technical diploma:

  • Fire Guard Officer
  • Mountaineer officer
  • Musician - staff officer
  • Artillery officer
  • Electronics technician - officer
  • Operational leader anti-aircraft missiles
  • Marine Telecommunication
  • Paratrooper officer

Military professions with a high school diploma

The Abitur is the best possible training in Germany. Of course, your options in the Bundeswehr are correspondingly large if you want to start your career with your Abitur in your pocket. Of course, you can choose from all the professions that are also available for the other qualifications. In addition, there are professions that you can only choose with a high school diploma. In the following you can see which Bundeswehr occupations are involved:

  • Troop doctor
  • pharmacist
  • Veterinary
  • Troop doctor
  • Officer of the command leader
  • Air Force Security Officer
  • Utility Officer
You can work with the Bundeswehr more than 100 different professions choose. The career finder, which you can find directly on the Bundeswehr website, is definitely helpful.

Civil professions in the Bundeswehr

As already mentioned, a military career is not the only way to make a career in the Bundeswehr. You can also choose between different professions in the civilian sector. Provided, however, that you have the necessary school education. The minimum required here is the Secondary school leaving certificate, Civilian professions in the Bundeswehr are not available without a degree.

Civil professions with a secondary school leaving certificate

Whether you are a school leaver or a career changer: With a secondary school leaving certificate, you definitely have a good chance of a job in the civilian armed forces. You can choose between a total of 37 professions, all of which are also suitable for training in the Bundeswehr:

Civil professions with secondary school leaving certificate

With at least a secondary school leaving certificate, you can join the armed forces in the middle service. In addition to the 37 available professions for which you need a secondary school diploma, there are three other professions in the middle service. These are the following professions:

  • Medium science service
  • Medium non-technical service
  • Intermediate service telecommunications and electronic reconnaissance

Civil professions with a technical diploma

Anyone who can submit their high school diploma to the Bundeswehr application can choose between 46 professions choose. This means that there are six more professions in addition to the professions with a secondary school leaving certificate. You can see here which options are offered to you:

  • Direct hiring of medium-sized non-technical service
  • Dual degree in computer science
  • Dual studies graduate meteorologist
  • Dual study Bachelor of Public Administration
  • Dual study Bachelor of Science Fire Brigade
  • Dual study Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Science Defense Technology
There are no civil professions in the Bundeswehr that you can only do with a high school diploma. Instead, all doors for your professional future are open to you in the civilian sector with a high school diploma. However, you have to note that the Bundeswehr varies depending on the profession further requirements to you. For military careers, for example, this includes a sports test, at the same time you have to prove your skills in other areas in the selection process. Before choosing your career, you should therefore find out exactly which requirements you have to meet in the Bundeswehr.

Internal Bundeswehr occupations and Bundeswehr training

The internal Bundeswehr occupations and internal Bundeswehr training are also extremely varied. Be it in the army, air force, navy, armed forces base, medical service or cyber and information space. Each branch of the armed forces has its own “specialists” and “generalists”. The job profiles are absolutely diverse. There is a corresponding training course for every job description. Aptitude for special units is sometimes decided directly during the recruitment test. If you would like to find out more about the requirements in general, visit the corresponding subpage. Among other things, it also depends on the chosen career path. For example, you can only become a submarine commander or a jet pilot in an officer career. For some infantry occupations, good performance in the Bundeswehr sports test is an advantage. Some job profiles can be aspired to by every soldier and include a further internal selection process.