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Time to say goodbye: Microsoft is sidelining Visual Basic

If you want to get into development for Windows and are looking for a language, you should perhaps not opt ​​for the good old Visual Basic. Because this is now being sidelined by Microsoft. As the people from the .NET team announced, with the release of .NET 5, the programming language has been given various new features. Above all, this includes support for a number of components of the framework that were previously not connected - such as Class Library, Console, Windows Forms, WPF, Worker Service and the ASP.NET Core Web API.

However, this does not serve the purpose of leading the programming language on a future-oriented path. Rather, it opens up ways in which the Visual Basic developers can migrate their applications to .NET Core. "In addition, we are no longer planning to develop Visual Basic as a language," said the Redmond team. The matter is presented in such a way that one can also offer the greatest possible stability in this way, but that ultimately only means that everything is frozen at the current level.

Old braids come off

Accordingly, it is also acknowledged that future developments in the IT landscape are no longer taken into account in Visual Basic. If you want, you can continue to program and maintain your applications in the language, but over time you will lose touch if you are not working on a migration to other languages ​​at the same time.

It is now finally clear that Visual Basic no longer has a future in the Microsoft environment. Number 1 in Redmond has been the newer C # for quite some time. In practice, it has been the case for some time now that various features and APIs that fall out of various Microsoft departments are only demonstrated using C # code examples and Visual Basic simply no longer plays a role.

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