What is a full service concierge

Concierge service in the office center: your advantage

A concierge service that receives your guests for you underlines the aspirations of your company. This is how you give a completely professional and positive first impression at a business meeting. In addition, a concierge tries to meet almost all your wishes and concerns. Find out how your business can benefit from the advantages of an exclusive concierge service in the Office Center.

What is a concierge service?

Concierges are mostly out of the Luxury hotel business known. The term comes from French and literally means porter or receptionist. But a concierge is more than that: it's for you first-class all-round support of the guests in charge and tries as "Wish Fulfillers" to make almost any of your concerns possible.

In the USA and the big metropolises of the world such as London or Paris, a concierge should not be missing in any posh apartment building. This trend can increasingly also be observed in major German cities such as the capital Berlin.

In addition, concierge services also play in the Corporate and office context an increasing role. Such a service has for your company numerous advantageswhich we will introduce to you below. The services go far beyond the classic secretarial services of typing offices and business centers. The Federal Association of Business Centers speaks of ‘DeepService’. Comprehensive services that also include the private sphere and help customers to concentrate on their core tasks.

What distinguishes a high-quality concierge service for your office?

According to the World Association of Hotel Concierges, “Les Clefs d’Or” - “The Golden Keys” - a good concierge must embody the following qualities: respect and courtesy, helpfulness and curiosity.

Even with a good one Concierge service for your office are Friendliness, a all around serious demeanor, and Service orientation of central importance. Because the concierge receives your guests for a business meeting and thus shapes the first impression, that customers, clients or applicants receive from your company or your law firm - and the first impression counts, as is well known.

Also count Discretion, secrecy and organizational talent to the most important qualities of a concierge. In our globalized world of work, there is also a concierge in the office reception today Multilingualism indispensable. In addition, he or she should be very familiar with the city in order to be able to give you reliable tips about sights, restaurants or hotels.

Concierge Service in the Office Center: Your advantages

When choosing a business center, the following applies: Business centers are by no means the same as business centers, there are significant differences in quality within the industry. The Quality of an office center you can recognize it by the Offered office services.

The premium office centers from CONTORA Office Solutions stand for "The Finest Art of Working". You don't just work in our office centers cost-effective at the best Business addresses Germany. You also benefit from high quality Office services and personal support from the exclusive concierge service by CONTORA Office Solutions.

As a premium provider, CONTORA Office Solutions highest quality standards of our concierge service. Discretion, professionalism, reliability and friendliness are of the highest priority for our qualified and motivated employees, and also Multilingualism is a matter of course for the reception team in our office center.

Work cost-effectively in the most beautiful cities in Germany

With a mobile office in the office center, also known as a temporary office, you work cost efficient in the best location of the most beautiful cities in Germany.

Because you can rent such an office for individual hours, days, weeks or longer according to your needs. According to the pay-per-use principle, you only pay for the time in which you can actually use your office monthly high Fixed costs in the Commercial rent save up.

They work in stylishly furnished offices and Conference rooms at the best Business addresses Germany. This is how you can give your company a significant image gain create and leave one with your customers and clients all round positive impressionthat will be remembered. For your professional virtual meetings are yours high quality video conference system to disposal.

Note: Highest hygiene standards have top priority in the premium office centers from CONTORA Office Solutions. So you can even in times of Corona pandemic carefree on site work in the Office Center in your individual office.

Benefit from exclusive office services plus concierge service

With the exclusive Office services from CONTORA Office Solutions can turn your office into one at any time Full service office do it by turning it around a professional Supplement the telephone service or secretarial service, or take advantage of our concierge services. Here, too, the following applies: You only pay when you actually use our service, billing takes place in fair 3-minute intervals.

A first-class office service in combination with a concierge service ensures a customer meeting all-round professional appearance Of your company. In addition, you save valuable time by using our office services, which you can then invest in your focused work - because As is well known, time is money.

Professional appearance through a personal welcome from the concierge

In the CONTORA Office Solutions Centers you will be met by our concierge team in Office reception welcomed personally. This breaks up anonymity and rounds off the inviting entrance to our extraordinary properties - such as the Upper West on Berlin's Kurfürstendamm or the WINX Tower on the banks of the Main in Frankfurt.

Our friendly concierges take your guests on arrival in your company name, lead them to your conference room and serve drinks on request. Through the professional appearance of our employees, you leave a mark on your business meeting right from the start all round positive and serious impression - because it is well known that there is no second chance for the decisive first impression.

Since a concierge service stands for luxury and a unique service, he also emphasizes this high level of your office environment and underlines that Claim of your company.

If you use a virtual office - also known as a virtual office - in one of our office centers and a business partner drops in spontaneously, that's no problem either, thanks to our concierge service. Then our professional reception team will greet your guest for you and, if necessary, inform them that you are currently not in the house.

Concierge Service in the Office Center: The right contact for your needs

The exclusive Concierge Service in our CONTORA Office Solutions Centers is the right contact for all your concerns and questions. Like a hotel concierge, he will fulfill almost your every wish.

For example, he will be happy to make a reservation for you Tickets for events, a concert, a visit to the theater or a museum, or a table in the restaurant for a meal together if you want to round off a successful business meeting.

Especially in times of Corona pandemic, a reservation in advance is necessary in many cases. That can not only be annoying, but most of all time consuming and distracts you unnecessarily from your work. Our concierge service does this work for you, so that you can Concentrate fully on the essentials: your business.

In addition to ticket and table reservations, you can of course still use a concierge premium service in the Office Center further comprehensive services expect:

  • He is the right contact for Restaurant recommendations, Hotel recommendations for your guests, or Tips on the sights the city.
  • On request, he will take care of one Present for your guests - this way you will definitely be remembered positively by your visitors.
  • If necessary, the Concierge Service will organize one for you Clothes cleaning, one Shoe repair, or one Tailoring alterations.
  • If you have a Driving service our staff will order a taxi or a chauffeur service for you at the appropriate time.
  • When a Business trip the concierge service will take care of your flight tickets and book you a suitable hotel for your stay on request.
  • The exclusive concierge service from CONTORA Office Solutions always has an open ear for you special wishes - just talk to us.

Conclusion on the concierge service in the office center

A concierge service that offers DeepService is not available in every business center - it underlines the premium quality of the provider and emphasizes the demands of your company. Like a hotel concierge, there is also a concierge service in the office reception for you first-class all-round support. This is where the simple business center differs from the upscale office center.

The friendly and personal welcome Your guests through a concierge will take care of your business appointments positive first impression and an all-round professional appearance of your company. In addition, a concierge service fulfills you almost every wish: For example, he reserves tickets for events or a table in the restaurant, makes recommendations and is the right contact for individual requests.

This saves you valuable time, which you can then invest in what is essential: your business. You also act absolutely cost effective, because you always only pay for the time in which you actually use the services of our Concierge Services. We would be happy to advise you individually on how your company can benefit from the offers of a concierge service.