What do you expect from yourself

What do you think about?Howdoyoufeelaboutthis?Do what I say, and don't do what I do!DWISNWID: DowhatIsaynotwhatIdo!If you know what I mean, don't think, dutustes,IYKWIMAITYD: IfyouknowwhatImeanandIthinkyoudoYou can stall what you want, if you want what you can.Youcandowhatyouwantifyouwantwhatyoucando.I can see what you can not see...Ispywithmylittleeye, somethingbeginningwith ...What you see, you getWYSIWYG: whatyouseeiswhatyougetWhat do you make of it?Howdoesitstrikeyou?What do you make of it?Whatdoyoumakeofit?what other people sharedwhatotherpeoplethinkofitYou've got enough of that soonalittleofitgoesalongwayyou pinch yourselfyoudenyyourselfyou pinchyoudeniedyourselfWhat's wrong with you?Whathascomeoveryou?You should be able to save!Thatwasunnecessary!Tit for tat.Titfortate.[ ]You., You. : directorDir.: DirectorStorm and stressSturmundDrang (lit.)merchant and adventurerBusinessman and adventurerSturmundDrangliteratureSturm und Drang literatureStorm and rush periodSturm-und-Drang-Zeit (lit.SturmundDrangwriterStürmerundDränger (lit.)Theweatherwasbadandthemoodwasthesame.The weather was bad and the mood was right,WhatwasWhatbeenWhathas beenwas absentwas missingwasallowedcouldwascalledwas calledwascaughtcaughtwascoldfroze[ ]