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Top 10 Most Unusual Places in Toronto

When you think of Canada, the first thing that comes to your mind is the pristine landscapes, and so you often forget to be interested in the cities. And how about you visit Toronto? This city is not only the economic center, but also the most culturally diverse city in Canada. Our Top 10 Most Unusual Places in Toronto are guaranteed to win you over to your next vacation!

1. The islands of Toronto, a getaway to nature in the heart of the city

Toronto has quite a few surprises in store. And so you go into the city to find yourself in the country! A stone's throw from the Toronto skyscrapers, you suddenly find yourself in the Garden of Eden. The islands of Toronto invite you to relax. Country walks, picnics on the beach ... And always the bright city panorama in view!
Take the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal, between Bay Street and Yonge Street, on Queens Quay.

2. A ghost tour in the Distillery District

In the heart of old Toronto is the Distillery District, which owes its name to the 19th century whiskey distilleries. But how about looking at this neighborhood from a different angle? Let's go on the ghost tour of the Distillery District! Whether it's creepy ghost stories or scary criminal cases, immerse yourself in the old and unsettling Toronto ... Goosebumps guaranteed!
The Haunted Walk Toronto - (416) 238-1473 -

3. Casa Loma, the unique mansion of a millionaire from the 19th century

98 rooms ... isn't that a bit too much of a good thing? Not for Sir Henry Mill Pellatt, who built this incredible palace. The electricity mogul had set himself the goal of owning the most beautiful house in Toronto. So beautiful that it ruined him. Today the Casa Loma is an unmissable museum.
Casa Loma - 1 Austin Terrace - Toronto

4. Inuit art, another cultural facet of Canada

While Canada is now part of the Anglo-Saxon culture, it should not be forgotten that its first inhabitants were indigenous. Among them the Inuit, who still live near the Arctic Circle today. You can admire their artistic talents at the Dominion Gallery of Inuit Art. A tribute to the people of the far north.
Dominion Gallery of Inuit Art - 79 Wellington Street W, Toronto

5. Harbourfront Center pour danser sur les quais tout l’été

In summer, Toronto, like other Canadian cities, adapts to the time of the sun ... and to the beat of the music. Those who like outdoor festivals and cultural events should definitely go to the Harbourfront Center. Rumba, salsa, jazz and many other dance styles await you there ... The teachers will be happy to teach you the first dance steps! Let's swing!
Harbourfront Center - 235 Queens Quay West -Toronto -

6. Attend a Maple Leafs hockey game

If you did not already know, then we will explain to you now: In Canada ice hockey is sacred! Hardly any boy has not tried this sport and even if they have not become stars, they eagerly support the local team. Toronto is the realm of the Maple Leafs. To understand the Canadians' passion for ice hockey, you have to go to a game!
Scotiabank Arena - 40 Bay Street - Toronto

7. Chill Ice House, a bar made only of ice (the glasses too!)

Canada is one of the coldest countries in the world, in winter temperatures drop to -40 ° C. Anyone who has always wanted to feel the cold polar wind but is visiting Toronto can relax ... In the 100% ice Chill Ice House you get a foretaste - as well as a coat and gloves at the entrance! Really unique!
Chill Ice House - 82 Bathurst Street - Toronto

8. Kensington Market for food from all over the world

To discover the cosmopolitan aspect of Toronto, be sure to plan a trip to Kensington Market. This district, located in the heart of the city, is home to many bars and restaurants where you can try international culinary specialties: from the Middle East, Mexico, Thailand, Hungary, Italy, Greece ... A trip around the world for your taste buds!
Kensington Market is a neighborhood that stretches from Spadina Avenue, Dundas Street, Bathurst Street to College Street.

9. The Scarborough Rocks ... a stone's throw from Toronto!

Perhaps our favorite of the Top 10 Most Unusual Places in Toronto! To the west of the city, the Scarborough Rocks await you, which are 65 meters high and are located at the foot of Lake Ontario. Those who like bucolic and romantic landscapes are guaranteed to fall for the charm of these rocks.
Scarborough Bluffs Park - 30 minutes from Toronto by car

10. A bird's eye view of Niagara Falls

Like Clark Kent in the second season of Superman, you fly over Niagara Falls ... but on board a helicopter! Admire the breathtaking scenery and city views from Niagara Falls, just two hours from Toronto.
More information on the Niagara Helicopters website.
End your stay with a panoramic view of Toronto. After you've visited the top 10 most unusual places, head to the unmissable CN Tower!

Climb the CN Tower like a balance artist

If you are in Toronto, you can hardly miss the CN Tower. For a long time, the 553 meter high building was the tallest in the world. Those who like a thrill can opt for a very special tour of the tower. The outside platform at a height of 356 meters (on the 116th floor!) Is the opportunity to defy the dizziness ... Don't worry, you are of course tied to ropes!
L’Haut-Da Cieux, CN Tower - 301 Front St W, Toronto - reserve tickets at

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